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A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com: Two-Tone Burlap Table Runner

Tuesday, 05 March 2013 1:00

The most popular fabric for the Rustic Wedding is burlap. Believe it or not, this coarse fabric, more traditionally known for bagging coffee beans than bedecking wedding finery, is the hottest ticket out there when it comes to adding trendy texture. Part of the reason behind this is how many options there are in burlaps today. Both in density (the coarseness of the weave) as well as color. Yep. Burlap is not just brown anymore. We've come up with a beautiful design for a simple wedding table runner made of two layers of burlap highlighted with a splash of luxurious silk. Burlap, like many of the specialty fabrics we're featuring in this series, comes in wide widths. The burlaps we chose to work with from Fabric.com ranged from 47" to 60" wide with the most common width being 58". This means you can get a number of strips from each yardage cut.


A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com: Bride & Groom Chair Covers

Monday, 04 March 2013 1:00

Welcome to our latest series from Fabric.com: A Rustic Wedding. This is one of the hottest trends right now in the DIY wedding category for both wedding gowns as well as the ceremony and reception decorations. It's all about creating a wonderful mash-up of subtle tones and textures - just like you'd find in nature itself. A hallmark of the trend is mixing traditional wedding fabrics; like taffeta, silk, tulle and organza with unique fabrics not normally thought of as wedding choices; such as burlap, ticking, crushed velvet and muslin. We kick off the series today with a pair of chair covers. Decorating the chairs for a wedding reception is nothing new, but we spotted the idea to have a special pair of chair covers at the head table just for the bride and groom. Our design combines rustic striped ticking and an elegant crush of taffeta. We finish it off with a sleek monogram juxtaposed with a funky-chic button.