The trees are changing into their Fall colors, so we decided to follow suit with today’s pretty clutch design. Originally created as a ScrapBusters project, we held partially true to this plan. Rather than diving into our own scrap basket, we shopped the remnant bin in the home décor section at our local fabric store. Home décor fabrics make great remnants because they’re so wonderfully wide. Even a small cut (our remnants were just ½ yard each) will yield a generous cut from which you could make several clutches. Why would you want several? Holiday gift giving is right around the corner!

If you’ve explored our Project Index lately, you know there are hundreds of Sew4Home articles and projects. It can be easy for some of the older entries to slip from memory. That’s why we love the Re-imagine & Renovate series; it brings forward some of our favorite classic projects for another look. New fabric and notions give them a whole new spin.

We found several beautiful home décor fabric remnants at our local fabric store at fabulously discounted prices. Although our original tutorial used a printed fabric for the exterior and a solid for the interior and pocket, we decided to use the same fabric for all the elements on our three R&R versions. 

As mentioned in the original instructions, we substituted the specified fusible fleece with a heavy-weight fusible for the lining, then added an additional layer of lightweight fusible on the exterior. This made our new clutches crisp rather than soft.

The finishing touch is a little bit of bling on the front as an accent over the magnetic clasp. The original sample clutch featured a broken rhinestone earring (a rescued broach would also work well) – very pretty and glittery. For our Fall R&R, we decided instead on a fancy button for each. We had a blast shopping through the huge selection of decorative buttons; this was one time big and bold was the name of the game.

To Re-imagine & Renovate your own Clean and Simple Fall Clutch, go to the original tutorial:

ScrapBusters: Clean and Simple Clutch

Our new clutches were made following the same construction steps as the original tutorial except for a small change to the pocket and loop positioning. Because we opted not to use a label above the interior pocket on our new clutches, we moved up the pocket and moved down the side loop. 

We placed the top edge of the pocket 6″ down from the top raw edge of the fabric panel.

This equates to the bottom of the pocket being 7″ up from the bottom raw edge of the fabric panel. We then placed the side loop directly in line with the top of the pocket. 

Looking for more information on blending, mixing and matching your fabrics? Check out these tutorials:

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