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Colorful Placemat Set with Handstitched Accents

Thursday, 22 May 2014 1:00

The serenity of a neutral palette is so cool and calming. But sometimes, you gotta shake things up with a burst... no, an explosion of color. This set of four mix-and-match placemats uses nine different fabrics (eight for the two-part fronts and one for all the backs) in the bold colors and patterns of Ty Pennington Impressions. The riveting jewel tones are drop dead gorgeous, but the design itself is just begging for your own infusion of style. A thick floss running stitch across the border adds a subtle dash of handmade flair.


Outdoor Tablecloth with Weighted Corners: It's Waverly Week!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014 1:00

Dinner - good. Dinner with friends - better. Dinner with friends outside around a beautifully set table - best. Nothing spices up your outdoor living space more quickly than a new tablecloth. Ours is fast and easy, but also unique with a center contrasting panel that acts like a built-in runner and secret pockets behind each corner. Use these corner pockets to slip in weights that can help hold the tablecloth in place when gentle summer breezes start to blow. The bold Waverly Sun N Shade fabrics we used will keep the tablecloth looking great all season long. 


Rustic Wedding Redux: Two-Tone Burlap Table Runner

Friday, 18 April 2014 1:00

The most popular fabric in the realm of rustic is burlap. Believe it or not, this coarse fabric, more traditionally known for bagging coffee beans than bedecking wedding finery, is the hottest ticket out there when it comes to adding trendy texture. Part of the reason behind this is how many options are available in burlaps today – both in density (the coarseness of the weave) as well as color. Yep... burlap is not just brown anymore. We've come up with a beautiful design for a simple wedding table runner made of two layers of burlap joined with decorative stitching and highlighted with a splash of luxurious silk. Burlap, like many specialty fabrics, comes in very wide widths. The burlaps we found at Fabric.com ranged from 47" to 60" wide with the most common width being 58". This means you can cut a number of strips from each piece.


Round Patchwork Placemats with Straight Line Quilting

Wednesday, 26 March 2014 1:00

It's the age-old square peg in a round hole conundrum... or vice versa: round peg in square(ish) hole. Plates are round, but placemats are usually rectangles. Sure, you have that extra real estate off to the sides for your napkin and utensils, but circles do come in several dimensions. Our round placemats finish at 16" in diameter, giving you plenty of room for a variety of place settings. And they're reversible: patchwork on the front, solid on the back for twice the table topping power.

Jelly Roll Strip Placemats

Thursday, 20 February 2014 1:00

Today's fabric collections seem to get larger and more gorgeous with each season's new arrivals. There are multiple colorways and a wonderful variety of motifs. And, of course, they all blend together beautifully. It can be hard to narrow down your choices, which is why we designed today's multi-fabric placemats. Each one uses seven different 2½" strips. It's perfect for pre-cut Jelly Rolls, but you could also cut your own strips from all your favorites. Decorative stitching ties the rows together, adds a bit of elegance, and holds all the layers in place.

ScrapBusters: Hot Dots Pinwheel Coasters

Thursday, 16 January 2014 1:00

Winter is nature's neutral season. Apart from the sparkling blue sky of an occasional sunny day, colors seem to go into hibernation, leaving us with snow whites, silver cloud grays and mud puddle browns. If you're missing the colors of spring, today's cheery pinwheel coasters with their "hot dots" will inject some bright pops of color into your dreary day. These are based on a tutorial we originally featured several months back, but we've revised things a bit to utilize layer cake squares, showing you how cute it can be with a variety of colors bundled together into a pretty set. They're great for a gift, but you'll also want an extra set to keep for yourself as reminder of flowers and sun to come.

Re-imagine & Renovate: Circular Quilted Trivets

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 1:00

When Dorothy arrives in Oz to meet the Wizard, the pageantry of her welcome includes the amazing "Horse of a Different Color." When I was young and saw this, I was convinced that horse was real and longed to find one. I got a little older and realized it was a metaphor, as were those terrifying winged monkeys. Although I still stand respectfully back from the primate enclosure at the zoo, the Horse of a Different Color remains a favorite and is a great description of what can happen when you take a project and look at it from a different angle. It's the theory behind our Re-imagine & Renovate series, or R&R as we call it. We take one of our favorite classic projects and try it in new fabric with a new color palette - sometimes even changing up one of the techniques slightly. Today we're re-doing our very popular circular trivets. 


Cupcake Napkin Set: Deck The Halls with Fabric.com

Wednesday, 04 December 2013 1:00

Let's admit it... a big part of the holidays revolve around food. There are wonderful family dinners, neighborhood cookie exchanges, and potluck parties at the office. You name it, if there's a celebration, there's sure to be extra yummy treats to be found. Today's Deck The Halls with Fabric.com project is all about yummy treats. In fact, this particular project made all of us hungry for cupcakes during the entire construction process. Like our earlier Deck The Halls Santa Letter Pocket Pillows, this is another design that makes use of the wide variety of panel fabrics available at Fabric.com. Normally used for quick and easy quilts, we've broken the mold to use them instead as feature appliqués on pretty banded, double-sided napkins. We made a set of eight, alternating two crisp coordinating cottons for the main napkin fabric. 


Holiday Table Runner with Ruffled Ends: Deck The Halls with Fabric.com

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 1:00

We've turned the the winter weather season upside down by using a traditional outdoor fabric to make this lovely indoor table runner. In browsing the over 500,000 yards of fabric Fabric.com carries for our Deck The Halls series, we kept returning to their indoor/outdoor section - which is huge - because of the bold motifs. Outdoor fabrics are often used for larger projects, such as bench cushions or umbrella covers, so the design motifs tend to be bigger and more dramatic. We got to thinking about it, and asked, "Why can't they come inside?" Not only is it beautiful fabric, it's also thick, tough and durable. In fact, there's no need for an inside batting layer. Batting is usually necessary with runners made of standard cottons in order to protect the tabletop from hot or wet dishes. But with this fabric, two simple layers provide plenty of protection... unless, of course, you plan on serving sizzling fajitas at the table for Christmas dinner!


Festive Fussy Cut Placemats with Decorative Stitching Detail

Friday, 01 November 2013 1:00

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The traditional Thanksgiving table usually features a tablecloth, but we think placemats are a fresh take on tabletop convention. Our set of four mix-and-match placemats blends eight gorgeous colors and designs fussy cut from Joel Dewberry's Heirloom collection. Last week, we featured our Festive Cook's Apron, which was also done in Heirloom. It broke records across Social Media for likes, shares and pins. So, we knew we had to show off these great coordinating placemats. There's also a link to the matching napkins and ties. I think it's going to be a very vibrant Thanksgiving this year!