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Thanksgiving Place Card & Favor Bags

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Welcome your guests to their seats with a stylish place card and a little surprise. These favor bags are so easy and quick to make; it took only one hour to make and finish enough for six place settings. This is a great fabric scrap project. One bag uses just a 6" x 13" piece of fabric. Use up leftovers from our Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts style napkin tutorials or try contrasting fabric.

Sewing Tools You Need

Fabric and Other Supplies

  • Fabric for bags: ½ yard (you need exactly 13 inches) of 45" wide fabric. This will yield 6 bags: we made six for our table
  • All purpose thread: we used a contrasting color as an accent
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
  • Pinking shears
  • Straight pins
  • Raffia
  • 3/16" square dowel in 8" lengths (we cut 6 from two standard 2-foot lengths)
  • Name cards: print by hand or create on computer as we did (ours are 2½" x 1")
  • Glue stick

Getting Started

  1. Download the Treat Bag Pattern PDF file and print at 100% (do not allow your PDF reader or printer to scale the image).
  2. Fold your fabric in half, right sides together.
  3. Pin your pattern piece in place. lining up the "Fold Line" right along the folded edge.
  4. You can either cut each bag pattern out, un-pin it, then pin it down again for the next bag. Or, you could print out the same number of Treat Bag Patterns as bags you are going to create. Then you could pin them all down at once and cut them out at once.
  5. Do NOT cut along the fold.
  6. When cut and unfolded, each bag should look like this:
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At Your Sewing Machine

  1. Fold your cut bag piece in half, WRONG sides together (right sides facing out), pin, and stitch a ½" seam on either side of bag.
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  2. Trim seams down to ¼" with pinking shears.
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  3. Turn bag inside out, and align the seams you just stitched so they are on top of each other.
  4. Pin and then stitch a ½" seam to close up the bag on both sides.
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  5. Trim seams to ¼".
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  6. Turn bag right side out. Your side seams, with their cute pinked edges, are showing. Pink top edge of bag with pinking shears. Your bag should now look like this:
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  7. Press open your outside pinked seams (optional).
  8. Fill with any candy, nuts, trinkets or whatever you'd like.
  9. Using your glue stick, glue a name card to the top of each of your dowels and insert the dowel into the center of the bag.
  10. Gather the bag and tie with a raffia bow.

Hints and Tips

If you would rather not have your pinked seam exposed on the outside of the bag, at Step 1, simply stitch the bag together with RIGHT sides together, trim seam and then and move to Step 4.

Other machines suitable for this project include the Bernina activa 240, Pfaff hobby 1122.



Comments (4)

DianeLivingston said:
DianeLivingston's picture

I love your gold glasses on the table.   They really have a wow factor and very elegant.

Barbara K said:
Barbara K's picture

what a cute idea. i'm wanting to make bath salt for small gifts for my Sunday school class .By placing the salt in a plastic bag then inside of this cute gift bag what a blessing . using odd fabrics and making each one different will be such a cute cheap gift with meaning as it was all done with love

Joan martin said:
Joan martin's picture

In love this you can use different fabric for each one, or all the same. If the table cloth is one color. Thank you

ANDI in Utah said:
ANDI in Utah's picture
These bags are perfect for my coworkers on all Holidays. I will only need to change the fabric choice. How hard can that be since I am employed at Jo-anns Fabric and Craft Stores. Thanks for the great idea.