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Dual-Duty Reversible Coasters by Tammy Hensley

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A package arrived in the mail for us several weeks ago. In it were four lovely coasters from our friend, Tammy Hensley. You may remember Tammy from the Creative People We Love article we did about her back on November 9th. You might even recall a little photo we used of a set of her clever coasters. Little did we know we'd soon be the proud recipients of our very own 'Dual Duty Coasters.' Better still, Tammy was happy to share her original instructions with everyone here at Sew4Home.

Made from 6" x 6" squares (oh-oh-oh... scrap project!!), one side is a perfect circle for all types of cups, bottles and cans. Flip it over to reveal the reverse side with a clever keyhole pocket that slips over stemware. A portable coaster! I found even the keyhole side to be flat enough to accommodate a cup, so no need to keep careful track of which side you use for what. But, I do love the idea of the slip-on coaster that allows you to walk about with your wine without worrying whether there's a coaster nearby when you need to set down your glass.

You can order Tammy's great Family Forever fabric that she used for our coaster set from her collections at Spoonflower. If you are new to the world of design-and-print-it-yourself fabric, take a look at Spoonflower artist in you!

These coasters would make a great holiday gift, and because they use such a tiny bit of fabric, you may already have everything you need in your stash.

Tammy created her tutorial as a .pdf file. Click the image below to download the Dual Duty Coaster tutorial. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader , which is a free program.

The coasters Tammy made for us featured some of her beautiful handmade tatting around the edges. Although her directions don't call for trim, don't let that stop you; it is a lovely accent. But choose something flat, like a lace, so the coaster retains a smooth surface.

Thanks for sharing, Tammy!

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Comments (5)

Miss9 said:
Miss9's picture
Hi, I just made one of these and it's fantastc! I can't wait to make them in assorted colours.. makes it a great way to help people identify their wine glass over these coming celebrations. Thanks tons smilies/smiley.gif
Lyn Marshall said:
Lyn Marshall's picture
Delightful idea! I need coasters and am always looking for ideas. I sometimes use old CDs as coasters. Maybe you could come up with a neat idea to cover them. Thanks for sharing the pattern and idea. You are brilliant!smilies/grin.gif
Eileen Ostrowsky said:
Eileen Ostrowsky's picture
Perfect for some last minute gifts I need. And I love scrap-projects. Thank you!