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Re-imagine & Renovate: Structured Fabric Baskets Become Boho Nesting Duo

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Today's "Re-imagine & Renovate" project was originally requested by our S4H fans. You wanted a cool set of fabric baskets and we responded with what has become one of our most popular Storage Solutions projects ever! Our first set was done in the classically striking Black & White collection from Michael Miller Fabrics - perfect for a sewing room, kitchen or office. Now, cue the Tasmanian Devil special effect... whoosh and voila′: when done in two Free Spirit Fabric collections with a bohemian flair, our nesting baskets are a kaleidoscope of rich color and design. Try them out in a bedroom, a bath or fill them with luscious treats for Valentine's Day. One project a thousand ways, that's what R&R is all about.

A big thanks to our friends, and Shopping Directory retailer, The Ribbon Retreat + Fabric for co-sponsoring the series and providing all the fabric and trims for today's "Re-imagine & Renovate" project. Lanae Hale of The Ribbon Retreat + Fabric is always a treat to work with. She has quality products, quality prices and quality service. And most orders ship within one business day or less

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Our new small basket is done with fabrics from Valori Wells' Karavan collection for Free Spirit Fabrics. It features Blossom Marrakech on the outside, Ruby Bangle on the inside and for the handle tops, and Blossom Savannah for the handle backs.

For the new large basket, we worked with Jennifer Paganelli's Honey Child collection, also for Free Spirit Fabrics. We used Orange Flourish on the outside, Orange Abstract on the inside and for the handle tops, and Rose Rosetta for the handle backs.

For the accent rick rack, The Ribbon Retreat sent us a beautiful 1½" grosgrain as well as the Mega Rick Rack in orange, which is just a tiny bit narrower and the heavier weight of traditional rick rack. We used the grosgrain on the small basket and the mega on the large basket. The accent bow on the large basket is a lovely 1½" orange velvet.

Every fabric has its own beauty and its own personality, and how you use it in a project can transform cute and quirky into sleek and stylish. It can even flip girlie-girl flirty and floral into masculine bold and modern. It's why we are so in love with fabric here at Sew4Home; we know what a difference it makes to the end result of a project. Add a little R&R to your list of New Year's resolutions. If you are new to the world of mixing and matching, take a look at these four tutorials:

How to Create A Fabric Palette

Tips for Mixing Prints

Mixing & Matching Colors, Patterns & Textures

Making the Right Fabric Choice

And check out our monthly Love That Fabric features for our latest picks, such as Kokka.

To "Re-imagine & Renovate" your own set of nesting baskets, go to the original tutorial. The only change we made to the instructions when making the new set was to opt for fusible interfacing rather than sew-in interfacing. We used Pellon 71F single sided fusible extra-strong stabilizer. We cut each interfacing piece ½" smaller all around and centered the interfacing piece on each appropriate fabric piece. This allowed our seams to lay flatter and reduced the numbers of layers to stitch through.

You Asked 4 It: Structured Fabric Baskets



Comments (28)

Donna said:
Donna 's picture

I have so far made 5 large baskets, the 5th one finally is mine.  Then I made a coordinating Small baske for me too. great tutorial.  Made the first 5 with just a medium weight iron on interfacing, turned out pretty good.  Just finished the smaller basket with the Pellon 71 fusible.  Much stiffer, a little hard to turn, but really turned out nice.  I cut my interfacings 3/4 inch shorter and 1/2 in less wide.  That allowed me to turn the top down a bit more, 1/2 in didnt seem like quite enough.  Didnt use the walking foot but did use the denim needle.  This was all done on a Brother machine, not expensive but does a great job.  Thanks so much for the great ideas, cant wait to do more of your projects!

flowergirl said:
flowergirl's picture
Hello Sew4Home,

I just finished making five of the large size baskets. I am so impressed with this pattern and your excellent directions. The finished product is very professional looking and excellent quality.

I am giving my baskets as a gift however, they would be perfect for storing DVDs, patterns, or toys with small parts such as Legos.

Thanks for the beautiful pattern!
Susanp said:
The are just beautiful! I can imagine so many uses!!!
Mary Jane Neveu said:
Mary Jane Neveu's picture
Just have to make some of the great fabric baskets.
Mary Jane Neveu said:
Mary Jane Neveu's picture
Love love love the fabric baskets. Just have to make some.
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture
@ Tandyh - we provide links above to where you can order the fabric online.... easy and fast to ship right to your door. The Ribbon Retreat (who provided the fabric for this project) is just one of the options in our Shopping Directory. Check it out -- shopping and buying online is a great option when you have limited retail options near you.
Tandyh said:
Tandyh's picture
don't know where you find such pretty fabric We are so limited where I live
Donna Joy said:
Donna Joy's picture
Love that fabric, and those bags are wonderful, I want to make some for my sewing room.
Kaye Davis said:
Kaye Davis's picture
Thse would be perfect in our new home master bath. The baskets would certainly perk it up a whole bunch.
Lee R said:
Lee R's picture
Not sure if original comment went thru, don't see it if it did, so will try again.
Love the bags and will have to try in on my Janome
Lee R said:
Lee R's picture
Beautiful bags, will have to try these on my Janome machine that I love.
Sharon Spingler said:
Sharon Spingler's picture
Beautiful fabric! And love the touch of the jumbo ric rack.
Ohio Lori said:
Ohio Lori's picture
GREAT to make as gifts.......but ME first! LOL!!! smilies/grin.gif Will look best in MY Sewin' Room....don'tcha think??? he he he smilies/wink.gif
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture
@ knowing nada -- there is not a kit for the project. If you go to the original tutorial using one of the links above, it will give you all the yardage requirements. Then, you can use the links on this page to take you right to the ordering page at The Ribbon Retreat + Fabric to get the exact fabric we used for our samples.
knowing nada said:
knowing nada's picture
Thank you ! beautiful choice of fabrics..... is there a kit for this tutorial....:smilies/shocked.gif
ravenztarot said:
ravenztarot's picture
OH OH ME ME ME ME... wait i am not in kindergarden anymore smilies/sad.gif Love the fabrics
TrinaQ said:
TrinaQ's picture
Glad to see you reduced the layers in the updated tutorial- that was my biggest complaint with the original instructions! I love the finished project, though, I get compliments on my baskets all the time. New fabrics are GORGEOUS.
Carla aka Mrs. No-No Knows said:
Carla aka Mrs. No-No Knows's picture
Very awesome!! and so very creative. Thanks for the great inspiration!
pattymctatty said:
pattymctatty's picture
I love those fabrics! This is a project I've added to my to-do list!
The Confused Quilter said:
Wow! Those baskets are stunning! I know at some point this year, I'll make some as gifts. Amazing what flare the rick rack and ribbon adds.
SewingAngel said:
SewingAngel's picture
"OH! Wie süß!" smilies/cheesy.gif
Sorry, had to "say" my first impression in German. What a great idea for a little gift.
Thank you so much... smilies/smiley.gif
mpistey said:
mpistey's picture
Love this tutorial, and this fabric is perfect! Thanks for all you do!
Dawn H. said:
Dawn H.'s picture
These are so cute I may have to become a little bit braver and try making a few smilies/cheesy.gif
Thread Ov Metal said:
Thread Ov Metal's picture
This looks great! I just got Karavan fabric, and this would be perfect!

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