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Re-imagine & Renovate: Ironing Board Caddy, Thread Catcher & More

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Your trusty ironing board – you spend almost as much time there as you do in front of your sewing machine! If you find yourself traipsing back and forth to grab a pin or pressing cloth or seam gauge or, or, or... you'll love our handy caddy. It's designed to loop over the wide end of the board to hold tools, catch threads, and act as a pincushion. We gave this classic sewing room must-have a new look as part of our popular Re-imagine & Renovate series.

Like each project, each fabric has its own personality; and just like mixing interesting guests at a dinner party gives you dozens of fascinating conversations, how you combine fabric in a project gives you an unlimited number of beautiful end results. 

That's the idea behind our R&R series: we Re-imagine & Renovate a classic design to come up with a whole new look. If you've explored our Project Index lately, you know there are hundreds of great Sew4Home articles and projects. It can be easy for some of the older entries to slip from memory. This series brings a favorite forward with a brand new look. 

One end of this clever caddy holds your most-used tools; the other end is a handy thread catcher with a cute button-on pincushion. 

The middle panel is there to anchor the tool pocket and the thread catcher, but is useful in its own right. We added a layer of batting underneath the pretty fabric so you can stick pins into this center section as well as into the detachable pincushion. The flip side has a strip of gripper fabric sewn in place to keep the caddy from slipping and sliding.

The caddy is designed to fit most standard ironing boards – as well as many smaller sewing tables.

We scoured our scrap stash for a colorful combo that still carried a sewing theme. You may recognize these fabrics from their previous projects: a simple serger cover, a pretty pinboard, and a zippered pouch.  

If you'd like even more personalization for your ironing board check out our two cover projects:

Easy Ironing Board Cover (solid main panel)

Jazzy Ironing Board Cover (pieced main panel)

To Re-imagine & Renovate your own Caddy & Thread Catcher, go to the original tutorial:

Ironing Board Thread Catcher & Caddy

Our new caddy was made following the same construction steps as the original tutorial with just one change: we made the pincushion and its tab in the same fabric rather than choosing a contrasting fabric for the tab.

Want more information on blending, mixing, and matching your fabrics? Check out these tutorials:

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