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Re-imagine & Renovate: Vintage Style Apron Becomes a Floral Fantasy

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This apron shot to the top of our Most Popular list the very day it posted, and although there have been many contenders since it was originally designed and unveiled back in April of 2010, it remains one of our Top Five Projects Ever. Of course, it HAD to be one of our R&R options: "Re-imagine & Renovate." If you've been following us over the last week, you know our New Year's resolution is to show you how one project can turn out an unlimited number of ways, depending on the choices you make with fabrics, trims and notions. Kick off your own R&R with a shopping trip for some fresh fabric, then use it to put a new spin on a favorite pattern. Our original apron had a very vintage feel thanks to its Simply Sweet fabric by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass & Company. We kept the sweet and added a little spice with a trio of Lecien Fabrics covered in bold roses, polka dots and tiny buds. It would make a dashing Valentine's Day apron!

A big thanks to our friends, and Shopping Directory retailer, Fat Quarter Shop for co-sponsoring the series and providing all the fabric for today's "Re-imagine & Renovate" project. We've worked with the great folks at Fat Quarter Shop since the very beginning of S4H, and we love them still. They have an outrageous selection of quilt fabric, quilting pre-cuts, quilt kits and patterns, and exclusive quilt clubs. And, they are always on top of the newest collections.

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The Fall 2011 Flower Sugar collections by Lecien Fabrics added "Hunky", "Frilly" and "Dandy" to Spring's already trendy "Gleam" and "Flare." They sound like a stable of handsome thoroughbreds, but all five are actually gorgeous florals, both realistic and whimsical, that are easy to mix and match within or between groupings. Our new apron features Flower Sugar White Rose Dots on the front with Flower Sugar White Tossed Floral on the back and Flower Sugar Light Green Tiny Flower Dots for the accent ties and flounce. The entire thing is bound using Wrights Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape in Lime.

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Every fabric has its own beauty and its own personality, and how you use it in a project can transform cute and quirky into sleek and stylish. It can even flip girlie-girl flirty and floral into masculine bold and modern. It's why we are so in love with fabric here at Sew4Home; we know what a difference it makes to the end result of a project. Add a little R&R to your list of New Year's resolutions. If you are new to the world of mixing and matching, take a look at these four tutorials:

How to Create A Fabric Palette

Tips for Mixing Prints

Mixing & Matching Colors, Patterns & Textures

Making the Right Fabric Choice

And check out our monthly Love That Fabric features for our latest picks, such as Kokka.

To "Re-imagine & Renovate" your own retro style apron, go to the original tutorial. We made no changes to the instructions when making the new apron.

Retro Fun: Vintage Style Apron



Comments (34)

MaryK said:
MaryK's picture

I wasn’t able to access this pattern, page was blank.  This has happened with a few of your patterns.  I love your selection of patterns and fabric choices.

Carol D said:
Carol D's picture

When I saw this pattern I ran to my stash, looking for co-ordinating fabrics to make one for a bridal shower.  There were so many possibilities, I made 8. Eight!  Each one is unique and reversible (pockets on both sides).  Some are demure, some groovy, some loud, and all of them fun!  Now I have discovered your other patterns ... oh my!  I will have aprons for every day of every season, ... and so will my friends and family!  

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ Nora at Home - thanks for sharing your results - and so glad you enjoyed our pattern. 

Queen Bee said:
Queen Bee's picture
I love this apron! I will be making it as a birthday gift for my friend with some great Elvis Christmas fabric I purchased. I can't wait to get started!
Candy Kay said:
Candy Kay's picture
Cute Cute Cute .. can't wait till I have mine .. thanks for such a great fun piece!!
Colourdujour said:
Colourdujour's picture
This is my go- to Apron pattern! Sometimes I add cluny lace or giant ric-rac, usually with string ties that wrap around to tie in the front. So many fun combos.
Elaine Sharp said:
Elaine Sharp's picture
Love this apron--reminds me of my grandmothers. Thanks. Elaine
Donna Joy said:
Donna Joy's picture
Now ths is just what I need, my old one is falling apart, hope it comes in lots of sizes.
carol hampton said:
carol hampton's picture
I love the apron, I plan on making a few of them for myself!
DLynch said:
DLynch's picture
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE THIS!!! also makes me a little sad, my late mother-in-law love to make aprons. Before she passed she had given almost all of us one, several of us wore them to the funeral home, we know it made her smile. She had 6 girls, and 4 daughter-in-laws and countless grand and great grandchildren. So she had made a lot of aprons!!
smc said:
smc's picture
This looks just like aprons that my mother and grandmother used to wear. I love the nostalgia.
Kaye Davis said:
Kaye Davis's picture
What fun fabrics and pattern. I will have to add this one to my "to do" gift list.
Ruth Resler said:
Ruth Resler's picture
Love this apron. Reminds me of the aprons both my mother and mother-in-law as well as the color choice and print choice they used.
Ruth Resler said:
Ruth Resler's picture
I love the apron, the pattern and the fabric color choise. The apron reminds me of the aprons both my mother and mother-in-law made. They were not afraid to use exotic prints and color choices.
Lizann said:
Lizann's picture
The Simply Sweet fabrics are so pretty. Also quite inspiring for those of us that enjoy sewing vintage style items. Thanks.
BrendaC said:
BrendaC's picture
I love the colors. They remind me of pretty colors back in the 60s Nice apron pattern!
Juanita said:
Juanita's picture
Love this vintage style apron. Have material in my stash I've been saving that would look great with this pattern. Thanks, cannot wait to get started.
FireGirl said:
FireGirl's picture
so cute and always so cleaver. I bought some cup cake fabric to make this one with....just cut out the fabric this weekend but with my busy schedule it will be in two weeks when I can sew it up. fun stuff and such great inspiration always. Thanks
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture
@ Gail Epp - Use the links above to go to the original tutorial for all the patterns and instructions. On that page in the "Getting Started" section, you will see two links to download from. One is for the apron body and pocket, the second is for the flounce. As it notes in the instructions, make sure you print out all the pages at full size -- don't shrink to fit, and then butt the pieces together to construct the complete patterns -- don't overlap.
MrsTea said:
MrsTea's picture
This is just adorable. I love the apron and these fabrics in particular. Thanks for making such fantastic patterns available and for also showing us how they might look in different fabrics.
katys said:
katys's picture
This makes me happy just looking at it. Imagine how I would feel wearing it. Thank you for such topic, I love seeing projects in different fabrics.