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Re-imagine & Renovate: Trendy Two-Handed Potholder Becomes Kitchen Kitsch With Happy Hens

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Last January, we came up with a number of projects designed to give you great ways to use up your fabric remnants. This "Scrap It" series produced many favorites, which are linked to, pinned on Pinterest and featured on handmade blogs around the country and the world. At the top of the list was our clever two-handed potholder in a splashy combination of fabrics from the Pretty Bird collection by Pillow & Maxfield for Michael Miller Fabrics. To "Re-imagine & Renovate" the project, we decided to search for a more traditional 'kitcheny' motif and a narrower palette. The black, red, white and yellow of monaluna's Metro Market collection with its friendly fowl design was just the ticket.  Wouldn't this make a great housewarming gift? Or, include a few wooden utensils and a spatula, and you have the perfect wedding shower present. Experimenting with fabric is the idea behind R&R. Give it a try; you'll be thrilled with all the different ways you can put a new spin on a fave design. (By the way... that's me in the photo above, holding one of my happy hens who approved this new fabric combo.)

A big thanks to our friends, and Shopping Directory retailer, Fabric.com for co-sponsoring the series and providing all the fabric and trims for today's "Re-imagine & Renovate" project. We've had such fun working with Fabric.com this year to bring you awesome projects and more, like the Lush and Plush Trends series. The Faux Leather Handbag from that series currently holds "most coveted sample" status! Fabric.com is "The place to go when you sew."

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The new happy hen potholder is made with a trio of fabrics from the Metro Market collection designed for Kaufman Fine Fabrics by monaluna. The front is Metro Market Eggs Over Easy in Black. The back is Metro Market Chickens in Yellow. And, the pockets are Metro Market Roosters in Yellow with accent trim in a classic white linen. The Metro Market collection was starting to get a little scarce when we got our fabric cuts, but Fabric.com has a great selection of fabrics in other adorable chicken motifs. Check out all the options

Every fabric has its own beauty and its own personality, and how you use it in a project can transform cute and quirky into sleek and stylish. It can even flip girlie-girl flirty and floral into masculine bold and modern. It's why we are so in love with fabric here at Sew4Home; we know what a difference it makes to the end result of a project. Add a little R&R to your list of New Year's resolutions. If you are new to the world of mixing and matching, take a look at these four tutorials:

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And check out our monthly  Love That Fabric features for our latest picks, such as Kokka.

To "Re-imagine & Renovate" your own long and lovely hot pad, go to the original tutorial. We made no changes to the instructions when making the new piece.

Scrap It: Two-Handed Potholder



Comments (17)

Lynda said:
 Lynda's picture
Love this idea for my new kitchen and my old scraps. Great way to have two potholders available in an instant!
Kaye Davis said:
Kaye Davis's picture
My daughter is a great cook. She would love this as a gift and she would put it to good use.
Shrrbyrd said:
Shrrbyrd's picture
Another idea to add to my to do list! I know several family and friends that would love to have these - me included!!!smilies/cheesy.gif
SitzSewing said:
SitzSewing's picture
my MOther and Mother-in-law love chickens..some of this fabric will be in their homes. Love your site and all the ideas U have.
Palapala said:
Palapala's picture
thank you Sew4home for such concise, easy to follow directions for so many wonderful projects! And thank you for the opportunity to win such great give aways. I consider myself a winner everytime I log onto your website and learn something new!
gretchen2 said:
gretchen2's picture
I love this one! It's on my to do list...along with most everything else on this site!
crescentcity1 said:
crescentcity1's picture
I had to do a double take of the picture with the chickensmilies/cheesy.gif....Thanks for sharing, if you ever want to unload your beautiful projects, I'd be happy to send my addresssmilies/wink.gif
Kimy said:
Kimy's picture
smilies/grin.gif So cute thanks for sharing. I will be making this for my niece, she is only 12 but she loves to bake.