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Michael Miller Fabrics' Citron-Gray Nursery: Tissue Box Cover

Wednesday, 03 August 2011 10:00

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Crocodile tears, runny noses, spit ups and blow outs... there's almost never a time you don't need a tissue around the nursery. Why not let them pop out through a grommet on the top of our cute and clever tissue box cover? This fun project is one of eight pieces in our new nursery series sponsored by our good friends at Michael Miller Fabrics. We created the collection using their new Color Story concept, selecting the Citron-Gray Color Story for a modern baby boy nursery: happy yet soothing with bright, bold geometric shapes reminiscent of groovy sixties fashion.


ScrapBusters: Binky Leash and Bag

Monday, 25 July 2011 9:00

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Summer seems like the prefect time to pull up some projects that will make the most of all those pretty pieces in your scrap bag, bin or box. This week's ScrapBusters Series brings you five great little-bit-o-fabric ideas, starting with today's perfect baby gift bundle of two binkys on their own little leashes and a matching drawstring carry bag. This project is at the very Tip-Top of the Cutie-Pie Ranking & Rave Scale. For those of you unfamiliar with the C.P.R.R.S., a project's ranking consists of the combined number and volume of "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhs" generated at baby showers. It's an independent ranking, so don't even try to find it on Google.


Fun In The Sun: Terry Towel Coverup & Matching Beach Pillow

Friday, 15 July 2011 9:00

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Back in the day, your 'beach towel' was simply a ratty bath towel that had seen better days and which Mom allowed you to drag outside. Today's beach towels are colorful terry cloth works of art in jumbo sizes. We used one to make our simple summer beach wrap. A clever cut allows you to make optimum use of the towel's bound edges, and leaves you the perfect scrap to create a matching pillow. To add a splash of summer fun, we braided three colors of polka dot knit to create the wrap's wonderful ties. It's all super quick to make, so you can be lounging by the shore in style before all the good spots are gone.

Travel Accessories: Satin Lined Sleep Mask

Wednesday, 13 July 2011 9:00

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Project made from your scrap stash: gentle on your wallet. Soft padded mask lined with satin: gentle on the eyes. No slip headband to keep it in place: gentle to the hair. Blocking out the world while you travel: gentle to your soul. The pretty piping that curves around the entire edge of our sleep mask adds a special zing of style, but does also make this a slightly more intermediate project. You could leave out this step to make it faster and easier.


Father's Day: Cargo Pocket PJ Pants

Friday, 27 May 2011 9:00

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This is our favorite fast and easy way to make any size of comfy pajama pants. Originally designed by our sponsor, Janome America (thanks, creative Alison!), we adapted it for this past winter's Noel Home project series, incorporating jazzy bottom cuffs so we could mix and match fabrics to make a cute pair of pants for everyone in the family. Now for Father's Day, we're kickin' it up a notch again by narrowing the cuff and adding a waistband in matching accent fabric. We top it off with a large pocket along the side of one pant leg for a cargo pant look.

Cattail Catnip Toy

Thursday, 19 May 2011 9:00

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Just ONE seam is all the sewing required to make a Cattail Catnip Toy. Fill with catnip and tie into segments. Your kitty will lick it and pummel it with rapid-fire kicks in appreciation. Not every cat is into catnip, and kittens ignore it; but in a lifetime of living with cats, I've never had one who didn't enjoy catnip playtime. The trick is to limit use to about once a week to avoid desensitization. Our Cattails also make a great fundraiser for animal shelters. A volunteer can make a dozen in a couple hours, and it takes very little sewing skill.

Happy Mother's Day: Sweet Hanging Sachets

Tuesday, 26 April 2011 9:00

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These sweet little sachets take such a tiny bit of fabric, you could easily make a basket of 14 of them from just a couple quarter yard cuts of fabric. Ours are filled with bath salts scented with essential oil. Fast, easy and economical all around. And, of course, they are also pretty as a picture... especially with the unique Moonstitch ribbon hangers. Is that the sweet smell of gift-giving success?!


Lil Softee Pal: Chocolate Bunny

Wednesday, 06 April 2011 9:00

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This plush little Chocolate Bunny is a long-lasting alternative to his candy kin. With all the jelly bean eggs, Peeps and other sugar-coma-inducing treats in the average Easter basket, a sugar-free huggable rabbit certainly has its place. Plus, no more dilemma over whether to eat the ears or tail first! These Lil Softees are quick and easy to make, and Minky Double-Sided Cuddle Fleece is so forgiving, even a beginner can turn out a bunny that will hop into the basket looking like star.