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Heather Jones' Wonky Block Modern Quilting Project

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 9:00

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The world of Modern Quilting is a "wonky" world. If something is "wonky" it means angles, sides and points are not necessarily straight and true. For years, "wonky" was the worst thing your quilt could be. It meant all those carefully cut squares and triangles and strips were not precise. But like coloring outside the lines, this imperfection is what gives a modern quilt its free-form creativity. "Cut until it fits" is a mantra followed by many a modern quilter. One of our favorite modern quilters is Heather Jones, who was our guest yesterday with a tutorial on Straight Line Quilting. Today, Heather's back with a Guest Project from the wonky world: the wonky log cabin block. Take it away, Heather!


ScrapBusters: Clean and Simple Clutch

Monday, 13 February 2012 9:00

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It's time for another installment in one of our favorite series: ScrapBusters! This time, the scraps you need are a bit larger, but I'm bettin' you still have lots of fun fabrics from which to choose to create this cute clutch. We are normally very diligent about telling you exactly which fabrics we used for our samples, however, this time around, we found our pieces in what we fondly call our 'UFO' bin: Unidentified Fabric Options. My only direction for your choosing is to use a décor weight or better for both layers in order to get an appropriate crispness. And, a print for the outside with a coordinating solid for the inside is a classy combo. The finishing touch is a little bit of bling on the front as an accent over the magnetic clasp. Ours is a broken rhinestone earring, but a fancy button or rescued broach would also work well. You just need a couple open points on it to allow you to sew the bauble in place.


Big Sister Dolly Quilt in Maman & Nursery Basics From Cloud9 Organic

Tuesday, 31 January 2012 9:00

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One of my favorite "new baby traditions" is the practice of bringing the siblings of a new baby little gifts to also make them feel special. That is the idea behind our adorable Big Sister Dolly Quilt. We used the scraps from yesterday's Beautiful Baby Quilt to create a matching 14" x 18" blanket the perfect size for a doll bed. The center patchwork is made up of 2" x 2" squares, which were sized to be a perfect showcase for the pretty little motifs of our Cloud9 Maman fabric.

Key Fobs With Secret Pocket & Lanyard

Thursday, 26 January 2012 9:00

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This handy little fella is modeled after the lanyards you often get at conferences or other events, in fact, you could certainly use it for that or to hold travel documents and ID. But it's also a perfect size to hold credit cards, cash, even your keys... all on a removable lanyard. The secret back pocket is held together with Velcro so nothing will tumble out. This is a great ScrapBusters project; you can mix and match the three fabrics needed to create just the right look. Choose a fabric combo that highlights the recipient's hobby or just his/her favorite colors. If you have an embroidery machine, add a special design or a monogram on the outside. Quick, easy and fun!

Cedar Sachets For Closet Or Drawers

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 9:00

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We took the idea of a traditional closet/drawer sachet and super-sized it as a Great-4-Guys Valentine's Day gift idea. You can make a simple pillow design or add a ribbon loop or ties so it can stash in the closet on the rod or a hanger. Our Valentine's love letter fabric is another one of the great Japanese Kokka designs, courtesy of Callie at CityCraft. It would be so sweet if you typed up an actual love letter and tucked it in with a box of these sachets! We filled ours with aromatic cedar shavings, which is another reason for the larger size. Plus... cedar is a better choice for most guys over the more common rose or lavender sachet scents.

His & Hers Pajama Shorts

Monday, 23 January 2012 9:00

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Jazz up your jammie-time with these adorable sleep shorts. There's one pair for Him with a drawcord and pocket, and one pair for Her with kicky ruffles and a satin bow. We show you how to make a pattern using an existing pair of your favorite shorts. Super easy, super comfy and a super cute idea for Valentine's Day, especially in pretty pinks (remember... real guys can wear pink) and grays. We used a combination of fabrics from both Dena Designs and Robert Kaufman, courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop.

Vase Skirts With Velvet Bows

Thursday, 19 January 2012 9:00

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I don't know about you, but I always seem to have a cabinet full of plain glass flower vases. I can never remember exactly where they've all come from, but there they sit. I don't want to throw them out, but they seem to multiply like bunnies. So, here's a great Valentine's Day... or ANY day project to dress up your vases with a pretty fabric skirt. Turn them from kitchen cabinet dust collectors into bright and beautiful flower stem vessels. Our skirts are ruffled and be-ribboned for a pretty and playful feel -- perfect for simple Valentine bouquets of daisys or carnations. But just think of all the other options: satin and lace for roses or silk and voile for giant peony blooms. You could make a whole vase-skirt wardrobe... and empty a cabinet in the process!

Long, Ruffled & Lush Velveteen Scarf

Monday, 16 January 2012 9:00

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One of our S4H New Year's resolutions is to experiment more with the wonderful variety of fabric types available. Called 'substrates' in the trade, this refers to the base fabric onto which the design is applied. For today's project, we've chosen two of Anna Maria Horner's gorgeous velveteens to create our fabulous scarf. What a great project to chase away the winter blues and still stay toasty warm. Ours is done in rich Valentine's Day colors and would make a lovely gift. No need for wrapping paper; simply tie the scarf itself into a big beautiful bow.

Re-imagine & Renovate: Three-Tiered Spring Skirt Becomes Hip Batik Maxi

Thursday, 12 January 2012 9:00

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When we decided to call our website: Sew4Home, we liked it because "home" is a word that expands beyond the traditional elements of home décor pillows and linens to encompass so much more: the family within your home, the friends you welcome into your home, all the things both inside and out that make a house a home. Many times over the past months and years, we've brought you projects that fall into these special categories, including our Gypsy Romance tiered skirt that debuted in March of last year. Even when venturing into garments and other accessories, we still follow our goal to make everything as easy as possible. This skirt is rectangles gathered together and finished with a drawstring channel waist. Simple! As a "Re-imagine & Renovate" project, it's fun because you can experiment with everything from three casual organic cottons to three shimmering layers of silk. Since the "maxi" is back with a vengeance, our beautiful new batik version is long and lovely.


Bound Wool Eyeglass Case: Soft & Pretty Protection

Thursday, 29 December 2011 9:00

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Cut-bind-stitch. Three steps and you have a wonderful accessory for yourself, a gift for a friend, or a dandy little craft fair/boutique item to sell. I'm a big fan of the eyeglass case because it's the best way I've found to keep track of my eyeglasses or sunglasses. Plus, it protects them when I need to toss a pair of into my bag. We added a cute dangling fob made of leather and beads. This tutorial is also a great way to practice your bias binding technique. We use packaged binding, and have lots of photos to show you how to go smoothly around the curved bottom and make pretty mitered corners.