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Simply Color by Vanessa Christenson for Moda: Pretty Pinboard

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 3:00

People in general, and kids in particular, generate lots of bits and pieces of stuff: important forms, special coupons, lucky tickets, keys to long forgotten locks... there really isn't another word for it. If you look up "stuff" in the dictionary, there's probably a picture of the top of your desk! Keep your counters and other work surfaces tidier and your stuff more organized with a pretty framed pinboard. We found our simple white frame at a local craft store, however, you could also look at second hand shops or garage sales for old framed art; remove the art and replace it with your cool pinboard. The project uses just four Fat Quarters to create the front panels and pockets, and thanks to the variety within the Simply Color Collection by Vanessa Christenson for Moda, we had plenty of colors and patterns to choose from to perfectly match our décor. 


Christmas in July with Moda: English Cottage Stockings in Blitzen

Friday, 06 July 2012 3:00

We finish off Christmas in July with Moda week with the quintessential holiday project: stockings to hang by the chimney with care. We chose fabrics from Blitzen by BasicGrey for Moda. It's a great choice when you want a variety of personalized stockings, because the motifs within the collection range from wintery damasks to playful snowman. You can create an elegant paisley one for Aunt Claire as well as a whimsical one for Baby Ben. We added a rustic handmade bow for our "English Cottage" look. By making all these bows match, our three very different fabrics became a coordinated family group. We provide a free pattern download for the body of the stocking, and it's sized so you can cut both the front and back from a single Fat Quarter! A clever reverse seam on the ruffle is hidden by the accent ribbon, keeping the lined inside smooth and clean. Santa will be impressed!


DIY Wedding Sparkle with Artistic Crystals: Flower Girl Overskirt with Rhinestone Border

Tuesday, 29 May 2012 3:00

Gone are the days when everyone in the wedding party had to look absolutely identical. Today, the trend is towards individuality. The ensembles are still color coordinated, but many brides are opting to personalize each outfit a bit. With Artistic Crystals, you get an integrated crystal application system that allows you to make and sell DIY Wedding projects as a home-based wedding accessories business. We call our series, the "Business of Bling," and today's B-of-B idea is to suggest to your bridal client that she put the littlest members of the wedding party in simple dresses, even off-the-rack frocks. Then, you can customize the outfits with crystal encrusted overskirts made like simple aprons. Each overskirt could be a different color of shimmering sheer fabric, but the beautiful, sparkling border would repeat the bride's theme and coordinate the entire look. 


Shirred Sun Top In Floaty, Flirty Voile

Monday, 30 April 2012 9:00

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We cautioned you about "shirr madness" and then we fell for it ouselves! Earlier this month, when we introduced you to shirring, we warned that once you learned how to do it, there would be all kinds of projects crying out for this pretty, rumply, stretchy touch of texture. While browsing the bolts at our local Fabric Depot, we spotted a beautiful piece of Amy Butler voile, and the next thing we knew... this pretty little top was on the Editorial to-do list. Ours is designed to be flirty and floaty, hitting right at the waistband of your favorite summer shorts. Wear it by itself or layer it with a sheer cotton tank. You can whip it up in an afternoon.

Re-imagine & Renovate: In The Mood For Indigo - Beaded Head Scarf

Wednesday, 25 April 2012 9:00

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Sometimes it's fun to not worry about learning a whole new project; instead, why not take a fave design and simply twist it into a new look. In other words: Re-imagine & Renovate! The fabric you choose for a project can transform cute and quirky into sleek and stylish... girlie-girl flirty and floral can become masculine bold and modern. Today's simple scarf was originally a dramatic gypsy style with two different coordinating fabrics front and back. Our new version is still reversible, but the look is toned down and lightened up. It's the perfect spring accessory for our S4H model, Gerd, who, on just her third day in the USA from Denmark, was a very good sport about being photographed to become "a famous internet celebrity." Thanks, Gerd! Have fun on the rest of your travels!


Everything Old Is New Again with Fabric.com: Shirred Sundress

Monday, 09 April 2012 9:00

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The shirred sundress is a wardrobe standard for spring and summer. But Sew4Home is never one to settle for 'standard'! We spun the traditional one-seam-up-the-side design, taking it from ordinary to trendy by adding a flirty eyelet underskirt and a precious sash with its own flower pin. Put it all together, and you have the perfect dress for our Everything Old Is New Again series, sponsored by Fabric.com. Pale pink eyelet is paired with a delicate floral print from Lucien. Both of these classic fabrics have a sweet, old-fashioned goodness. And, the shirring accent across the bodice is a wonderful way to add both structure and texture.


ScrapBusters: Seat Belt Cover

Friday, 23 March 2012 9:00

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Buckle up! But do it with more comfort and style with a super cute seat belt cover. Another great Scrapbusters! project, this easy wraparound cover is not only perfect for seat belts, it's also great for briefcase or suitcase straps. It even worked nicely to pad the handles of the recent heavy-duty Grocery Totes we made. Our design is reversible so you can make one side in cozy fleece for cold days and the other side in cool cotton for warm weather. Not only are seat belt covers an added comfort, they also help keep your shirt or jacket from becomming a wrinkly mess on long drives. These versatile straps would make a great gift for all the drivers your know –customize the fabric to match their moods.

Spring Flower Pins

Monday, 19 March 2012 9:00

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As a little girl, I liked to watch my mother get dressed up to go someplace special. On the top shelf of her closet, she kept a round, paper-covered hatbox. Inside were a half dozen lovely millinery-quality flower pins, each carefully wrapped in tissue. The finishing touch was pinning a flower to her dress or the lapel of her jacket. My favorite was a big rose-colored peony flower made of woven fabric with several pale green, ribbon-wrapped stems.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Celebrate by wearing a flower on your jacket, in your hair, or pin one to your bag. Not only are they trendy, they brighten your day and help turn winter into spring.

ScrapBusters: Baby's Sleeping Door Hanger

Friday, 16 March 2012 9:00

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Remember those "Baby on Board" placards that used to be so popular? They spawned an entire line of bizarre copycats; I remember seeing everything from "Mother-in-Law on Board" to "Alien on Board"! The original baby idea as a warning sign was a good one, and is similar to today's ScrapBusters project. When baby is finally asleep, gently shut the nursery door, then slip this sweet door hanger over the knob to warn the rest of your noisy family it's time to tip-toe because, "Baby's Sleeping!" This project is fast and easy to make and uses just a few tiny bits of fabric, batting and trim. It would make a wonderful shower gift.