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ScrapBusters: Sewn Paper and Fabric Envelope

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Whether it's a romantic note or just a simple thank you, a handmade envelope is a lovely way to deliver a special message. Our pretty envelope design looks rather complex, but it's actually very easy and a great way to use scraps with a larger circular or medallion style motif. A bit of fancy ribbon seals the deal. 

If you're feeling extra crafty, take a look at our coordinating tutorial to make a Sewn Paper and Fabric Card.

Sewing Tools You Need

Fabric and Other Supplies

  • Card stock; we used one 12" square of Bazzil Basics card stock in white which we found locally at Michaels
  • Patterned (or plain) paper; we used one 12" square of Recollections Scrapbook Paper in Red Stripes, also found locally at Michaels
    NOTE: You could also use gift wrap to line your card rather than scrapbooking paper.
  • ONE 11" high x 7¾" wide rectangle of fabric for the front of the card; our scrap was Black Nosegay from the older Summer Soirée collection by Paula Prass
  • ONE 5½" high x 7¾" wide rectangle for the back of the card; our scrap was Lime Ta Dot by Michael Miller Fabrics 
    NOTE: If you want to fussy cut your fabric as we did, you may need a larger piece of fabric to work with.
  • ONE yard of ⅜" ribbon
  • Spray adhesive, such as Elmers Craft Bond
  • All-purpose thread; we used white  
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Pinking shears or paper edge cutters (optional)
  • X-Acto knife
  • See-through ruler

Getting Started

  1. For the cleanest edge, we recommend cutting your fabric pieces with a rotary cutter and cutting mat.
  2. Cut ONE 11" high x 7¾" wide rectangle from the fabric for the front of the card. We positioned the center of of our large nosegay motif so it was at the fold line for the envelope flap as shown in the cutting guide below.
  3. Cut one 5½" high x 7¾" wide rectangle from the fabric for the back of the card. 
    Click to Enlarge
  4. We used a red striped paper to line the front of the envelope and a plain white tpaper o line the back side of the envelope.
    Click to Enlarge
  5. Turn each sheet of paper face down.
  6. Lightly spray the back side of your fabric pieces with the spray adhesive.
  7. Position the tacky side of your fabric onto the back side of your paper as shown below. If you use a paper with a strong directional motif, as we did with our stripe, make sure the fabric rectangle is aligned so the paper motif is straight. 
    Click to Enlarge
  8. Lightly smooth the fabric and paper sandwich, using the palm of your hand.
  9. Using your see-through ruler, an X-Acto knife, and a cutting mat; trim the paper using the edge of the fabric as a cutting guide.
  10. If you chose a center medallion motif as we did, switch to small scissors to fussy cut the the back half of the motif as shown below. This curved fussy cut will become the flap of the envelope. You can fussy cut to best suit your fabric, or simply cut a straight line across about 3" below the fold line.
    Click to Enlarge

At Your Sewing Machine

  1. Place the front and back of the envelope together, paper lining sides together.
  2. Sew along the sides and bottom of the envelope using a ⅜" seam, pivoting at the corners. Do not sew across the top. Trim close to stitching, using pinking shears, paper edge cutters or scissors.
    Click to Enlarge
  3. Fold over and crease your envelope flap.
  4. Find the length of ribbon. Position the ribbon onto the card as shown below. The end that wraps around the front should be about two feet and the other end about one foot. Attach at this ⅔ - ⅓ dividing point using a zig zag stitch. Pull the thread tails through to the back side of envelope and hand tie a neat knot. Trim the thread close to the knot.
    Click to Enlarge
    Click to Enlarge

To finish

  1. This envelope is cut to fit our Sewn Paper and Fabric Card. You could adjust your cuts slightly larger or smaller to fit your own customer note.
    Click to Enlarge
  2. Insert the card
    Click to Enlarge
  3. Tie the bow on the back side as shown in the image at the top of this page.


Project Design and Sample Creation: Alicia Thommas



Comments (9)

caaguirre said:
caaguirre's picture

The instructions call for a rectangle cut 10 X 7 3/4  but the diagram looks like the rectangle should be cut 11 X 7 3/4.  Am I misunderstanding the directions?  This is a nice project, I can think of many uses for a pretty envelope.

alicia.thommas said:

@ Caaguirre: Good catch. It's correct in the drawing but there was a typo on the instructions. It has been fixed, thanks to your eagle eye.

Marianne King said:
Marianne King's picture
what a wonderful idea!! Just my type of project, one that looks simple and easy to make. thanks so much!!!
coconutcreek said:
coconutcreek's picture
I saw this tutorial a year or so ago and had to make one right away! I loved it. So thinking of Easter and Mother's Day cards this year I searched through my notes for the tutorial and couldn't find it. I panicked and started looking on the internet and finally found you again! I definitely am putting this tutorial in a safe place this time! Thank you for keeping it available.
alicia.thommas said:
smilies/smiley.gif Thanks for the kind words, Moonshine1993 and himain10antz!! I do hope you give this project a try. I'd love to see your results if you do.