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ScrapBusters: Binky Leash and Bag

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Summer seems like the prefect time to pull up some projects that will make the most of all those pretty pieces in your scrap bag, bin or box. This week's ScrapBusters Series brings you five great little-bit-o-fabric ideas, starting with today's perfect baby gift bundle of two binkys on their own little leashes and a matching drawstring carry bag. This project is at the very Tip-Top of the Cutie-Pie Ranking & Rave Scale. For those of you unfamiliar with the C.P.R.R.S., a project's ranking consists of the combined number and volume of "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhs" generated at baby showers. It's an independent ranking, so don't even try to find it on Google.

Our thanks to Michael Miller Fabrics for providing us with the beautiful wonderful Pretty Bird from Pillow & Maxfield for this project. The incredible hot pink, vibrant lime and bright blue was a super fun combo for this project, but the options available in today's designer cottons are nearly limitless. Part of the fun will be finding your perfect blend. 

Sewing Tools You Need

Fabric and Other Supplies

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Supplies for TWO Binky Leashes and ONE matching Bag

  • ⅓ yard of 45" wide primary fabric for leash A, bag top, and bag lining: we used Pillow & Maxfield Pretty Bird from Michael Miller Fabrics in Aqua Ground Cover
  • ¼ yard of 45" wide secondary fabric for Leash B and bag bottom: we used Pillow & Maxfield Pretty Bird from Michael Miller Fabrics in Pink Bloomies
  • All-purpose sewing thread in colors to match fabrics
  • All-purpose sewing thread in contrasting color(s) for topstitching
  • Small piece of lightweight fusible interfacing
  • Snap setting tool
    NOTE: See our tutorial for more information on these tools
  • 2 size 18 pearl-head snap sets
  • 2 suspender clips
  • 28" - 30" length of cord or a long shoelace: we used a lime green cord
  • Black plastic cord lock
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
  • See-through ruler
  • Straight pins
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Large safety pin
  • 2 color-coordinated binkys

Getting Started

  1. From the primary fabric (Pretty Bird Aqua Ground Cover in our sample), cut:
    ONE 11½" x 3" piece for one leash.
    ONE 11" x 9" piece for the bag lining.
    ONE 11" x 5" piece for the bag top
  2. From the secondary fabric (Pretty Bird Pink Bloomies in our sample), cut:
    ONE 11½" x 3" piece for one leash.
    ONE 11" x 5" piece for the bag bottom
  3. From the light-weight interfacing cut TWO 1" x 11" strips.

At Your Sewing Machine & Ironing Board

Binky Leash

  1. Find one 11½" x 3" piece of leash fabric. Fold in and press ½" along both long edges, then fold in and press ½" on one end.
  2. Tuck an interfacing strip under the folded edge on one side. Following manufacturer's directions, fuse in place with your iron.
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  3. Fold in half lengthwise, right sides out, and press.
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    NOTE: It's easier to sew the edges together with a nice, straight line of stitching if one fold is pressed ever so slightly back from the other as shown in the picture above.
  4. Thread your machine contrasting thread in the top and bobbin. Topstitch very close to the edge along both sides and across the bottom, pivoting at each corner. The top edges of the leash are raw.
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    NOTE: We added a folded Sew4Home label at this point, securing it in place with the topstitching.
  5. Apply the ball side of the snap set on the back side of the leash, approximately ⅜" from finished end of leash.
    NOTE: The 'back' would be the side with the one edge ever so slightly behind the other.
  6. Apply the socket side of snap set (the pearl side) on the front side of leash, approximately 3" form the finished end of the leash.
    NOTE: Before applying this second half, be sure to try it out with a binky to confirm you have the correct positioning and enough length to wrap through the binky. If you're new to applying snaps, take a look at our tutorial: How to Apply Metal Snaps to Fabric.
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  7. Press the unfinished end of the leash to the back ¼".
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  8. Thread this end through the suspender clip. Adjust so you have a smooth folded loop and pin in place. Again, this folded edge should be to the back of the leash. Close your snap and double-check you threaded the suspender clip in the right direction.
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  9. Stitch down the tab close to the folded edge. Do several lines of stitching to create a nice strong seam.
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  10. Repeat for the second leash.

Carry Bag

  1. Find the two 11" x 5" pieces - one piece in each of your two coordinating fabrics.
  2. Place the two pieces right sides together, aligning all the raw edges. Pin along one 11" side.
  3. Stitch together, using a ½" seam allowance. Press seam open.
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  4. Find the 11" x 9" lining piece.
  5. Place this piece, right sides together, with the two-piece unit you just created. Align all the raw edges. Pin in place.
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  6. Using a ¼" seam allowance, stitch around all the way around leaving a few inches open at the top edge (the long side of the Aqua Ground Cover in our sample) for turning. Trim the extra fabric off the corners.
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  7. Turn right side out. Poke out the corners with a blunt-tipped tool, such as a large knitting needle or a chopstick, to make them nice and sharp 90˚ angles.
  8. Press, making sure to turn in the raw edges of the opening so they are flush with sewn seam.
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  9. To create the cord casing, fold the top edge down ¾" toward the lining side (the Aqua Ground Cover in our sample), pin in place.
  10. If necessary, re-thread your machine with contrasting thread and stitch close to the folded edge. Press.
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  11. Fold piece in half with the casing at the top and aligning the sides and bottom edges. Pin in place.
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  12. Starting just below the casing, and using a ¼" seam allowance, stitch down the side and across bottom, pivoting at the corner. 
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    NOTE: We added a folded Sew4Home label at this point, securing it in place with the topstitching.
  13. Attach a large safety pin to one end of your cord and use it to pull the cord through the casing.
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  14. Thread both ends of the cord through the plastic cord lock.
    NOTE: If the ends of your cord are frayed, tightly wrap them with a piece of scotch tape.
  15. Tie a knot in each end. If you taped the ends, you can leave the tape (kind of makes an end like a shoelace) or remove it and allow the ends to fray, or seal the ends with a seam sealant.
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Project Design: Alicia Thommas
Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Julia Chapman



Comments (13)

Barbwirebabe said:
Barbwirebabe's picture

Very cute gift idea.  I would use Velcro or the hair band as there are many different binkys out there and some babies are very particular.  O love the fabrics.  You give clear instructions.  Thanks.  

rozalyn22 said:
rozalyn22's picture
All I can say is LOVE IT.....can't wait to start making i know so many to be mommies hummm i hope they like the Binky as much as I do.....thanks
ChristinaZ said:
ChristinaZ's picture
Perfect! Like umjudis said, I will use velcro for the same reason. The next time my office has a "baby boom" I'll be ready!!
Thank you!!
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture
@ Kelly M -- thanks or sharing us with your website friends and fans. smilies/grin.gif
Kelly M said:
Kelly M's picture
I\'ve made a couple of the pacifier holders so far for my grandson due later this year and plan on making a few more. Very quick and easy! I\'ve added this link, as well as several other of yours to both of my websites.
kittyklaws65 said:
kittyklaws65's picture
smilies/grin.gif I'll be sewing this tomorrow for my nephew who is playing the 'game' now of drop it and YOU pick it up LOL.... ty Sew4Home this is awesome!!!!!!
Sarah M said:
Sarah M's picture
Thanks for the tutorial! I just wanted to say that if instead of doing the snap to attach to the pacifier, I usually sew in a thin hairband. That way you can use it even on the brands that don't have a loop (can't remember the brand but you've probably seen it, with the hollow center and no loop).
nanakwilter3 said:
nanakwilter3's picture
adorable - can't wait to start making! great for showers or bizarres!smilies/cheesy.gif
umjudis said:
umjudis's picture
Yes, these are adorable & quick to make. But a caveat - I didn't use a snap in case it fell off. Didn't want my grandson to swallow it. I used one of those velcro tabs instead.
Marcia Sikes said:
Marcia Sikes's picture
These are sooo adorable. I am going to make some today! I love Sew4Home! I have never seen so many great sewing projects on one site before! smilies/smiley.gif