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Re-imagine & Renovate: ScrapBuster Heart Sachets

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Just like a fresh coat of paint can transform a room, brand new fabric can completely change the look of a project. These adorable heart sachets were originally done in sweet quilting cottons, using the traditional soft pinks, reds and greens of dainty Valentine prints. 5" x 5" charm pack squares made it very easy to mix and match each beautiful blend. For our R&R version, we decided on a rustic theme, using a collection of heavier scraps in linen, ticking, muslin and twill. Maybe the S4H super-fans out there can ID the past projects from which the scraps came! Faux mother-of-pearl buttons centered on wool felt flowers add just the right texture as the sachet's center embellishment. 

Each fabric has its own personality; and just like mixing interesting guests at a dinner party gives you dozens of fascinating conversations, how you combine fabric in a project gives you an unlimited number of beautiful end results. That's the idea behind our R&R series: we Re-imagine & Renovate a classic design to come up with a whole new look.

These fragrant heart sachets can hang on a closet rod, hook on a doorknob, slip into the lingerie drawer or simply show off on top of your dresser or vanity. Make a set for yourself and several to giveaway. 

Our unique taller, tapered heart template is provided in the initial instructions. By angling the template on a four-square patchwork block, and following our guide lines, you can quickly cut out each heart to create pretty intersecting diamonds.

To Re-imagine & Renovate your own Heart Sachets, go to the original tutorial:

Valentines: Heart Sachets

Our new sachets were made following the same construction steps as the original tutorial, with just one change: we added cute die-cut felt flowers behind the buttons as an extra embellishment.

The dried herb for the fragrant filler is completely up to you. Our first set used classic lavender. For this new group, we used a wonderful lemon verbena. You could even mix up several scents to create a custom potpourri. Each sachet takes about ½ - ¾ cup.

Want more information on blending, mixing and matching your fabrics? Check out these tutorials:

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Comments (3)

norskie3 said:
norskie3's picture

These are so cute!  I want to make them for friends for Valentines Day.  Where does one purchase the felt flowers?

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ norskie3 - as we mentioned above, we simply die-cut flowers from scraps of felt. If you don't have a die-cutter, you can cut them out by hand. 

MissTi said:
MissTi's picture

I like the way you have gotten around having to do the inside corner and the trimmed seam alliance and potential leaks of filling by rounding the inside point of the heart (where the ribbon is attached).  I would like to make mine a bit more pointy And maybe someone else does too.  You would think that you just stop with the needle down at your desired point, pivot, and sew up the other side because that would totally make sense.  But here is the trick. Stop a stitch or two before the point and sew one or two stitches (one for light cotton, two for heavier weights) across the point, so it seems like you are blunting the point. Then pivot again and carry on, up the other side.  It makes for a much smoother point.  Don't forget to clip the seam allowance before turning right side out or it will be all puckered at the point.