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Fun with Phoomph for Fabric by Coats

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"Phoomph™ adds oomph!" Phoomph™ is a new product from our friends at Coats & Clark. It's a double-sided, 1mm fabric bonding sheet with permanent adhesive on both sides. Simply peel away the protective covering and place your fabric over the Phoomph™, smoothing it with your hands. Yep! There's no heat or ironing needed at all to create the permanent bond. You can then cut the fabric-covered Phoomph™ into what ever shape(s) you desire. Coats sent us both available textures and several colors to play with, and that's exactly what we did: play! Read on to take a look at all the fun stuff we came up with.

Because there's no heat needed with Phoomph™, it's perfect for fabric substrates that are not iron-friendly; such as laminate, vinyl, faux leather, velvet and velveteen among others. 

Phoomph™ for Fabric! is acid and lignin free and comes in two different 1mm thick textures: Soft when you want some flexibility and Stiff when rigid structure is needed. Both are 9" x 12" sheets with permanent adhesive on the front and back, and both come in eight colors: white, black, blue, red, pink, green, fuchsia, and orange. Why all the colors? Because an edge of the product will be visible along any cut line. With eight colors to choose from, you can pick the best one to match or contrast with your fabric. 

It's very easy to cut the fabric-covered Phoomph™ sheets with regular scissors, however, we found it also works great in a die-cutter. We used our Sizzix Big Shot die-cutter. Make sure you select dies that are made to cut fabric not just paper. 

Because of the strong adhesive, Phoomph™ is not designed for use with a sewing machine. Although the machine's needle would likely penetrate without much problem, the adhesive would gum up the needle and its assembly. You can use a hand sewing needle to stitch a bauble or bead in place, but be prepared to throw it away; it will likely be too sticky for other uses when done. Attaching layers of Phoomph™ or embellishing it with other elements is really best done with a liquid adhesive.

You can find Phoomph™ for Fabric! at larger fabric and craft stores as well as online. 

Below are some of our fun ideas for Phoomph™. 

Bag Tags

Bag Tags help you recognize your bag. I used to tie a ribbon on mine, but then lots of people started doing that. This set is cut using a Sizzix Big Shot die-cutter, but you could easily cut cute shapes with scissors. Phoomph is easy to cut, but surprisingly strong. To give the tags a professional look, we added small grommets and a little chain. You can make a set of these in about 10 minutes or less.

Bag Tags for Kids

To create these tags, we used scissors and fussy cut around two specific images in this fun fabric scrap leftover from our Halloween Trick-or-Treat Tote. You could do the same with flowers, birds, or anything your kids like. Adding the metal eyelets is easy and fast. There are clear directions on the package.  We used a Dritz Eyelet kit in 5/32".

Happy Flower Push Pins

To make our Happy Flower Push Pins, we used scraps of prepared Phoomph left over from using our Sizzix Big Shot die-cutter  to make the Bag Tags. We ran the little scraps through again using a single flower on one of the dies. The Phoomph adhesive secures the flower to the push pin. If you don't have access to a die-cutting machine, you can also cut fun shapes with scissors. Simply trace around a pleasing shape on the Phoomph backing and cut. Push the pin through the center of your shape and you're done. They make a pretty and useful teacher gift: stick them onto heavy cardboard or to a small cork square, then tuck a note under one of the push pins. 

Knotted Hair Ties

Hair ties are so popular and are very easy to make. Hand cut or use a die-cutter to cut a 1¾" flower for the base and a 1⅛" top flower. Sew through the center attaching a small bead or button. Cut about 9" per hair tie of fold-over elastic. We used Dritz Fold-Over Elastic in Pink and in Black. Knot the ends and sew your flower to the center. These flowers are made from scraps of cotton velveteen from Anna Maria Horner's Field Study for FreeSpirit. See the original pillow project for more information on the fabric. These flowers are very sturdy and held up well to a lot of handling and testing and pony tails. 

Quick Cuff

These cuffs are so fast and easy to make. We cut the print fabric and Phoomph at 1⅛" wide x wrist measurement + two inches. From medium weight muslin, tear a strip about 1⅜" to 1½" wide. Adhere the print fabric to the Phoomph and then the muslin. Overlap the ends about ¾". Using a leather hole punch or awl, make two holes through the overlapped pieces. Thread a ribbon or cord through the aligned holes and loosely knot to secure the cuffs. 

Key Fobs

Got a minute? Make a key fob. These are made just like the luggage tags above, using a smaller die-cut flower and key ring hardware. 

Laminated Coasters

Laminated cotton adheres beautifully to Phoomph. What an easy way to make a set of pretty coasters. Just tie with a ribbon and it's a quick gift. 

Flower Belt

The belt is made in a similar fashion to the hair ties. Stack up several cut flower shapes and sew through with a button. Then attach to a length of wide ribbon. We used about 2 yards of ribbon; enough for a pretty bow at the back. Notice how the red Phoomph makes the edges of the flower really pop!


Comments (106)

L Latimer said:
L Latimer's picture

Can you tell us what dies were used for the coasters, etc?  I know they are fabric dies, but is there a certain make that you used??  Thanks!

alicia.thommas said:

We don't have definitive information on specifically what die cutting machines cut Phoomph. What we do know is that the key is to use a die that is intended to cut through fabric (not just paper). Our simple,basic hand-crank Sizzix cut through the Phoomph like butter. Each cut came out beautifully; no stickiness or fraying. If your die cutting machine is able to cut through card stock and you use a die that is designed to cut through fabric, then it should work just fine.

Katherine Ochsenfarth said:
Katherine Ochsenfarth's picture

I would make fabric flowers for headbands :) 

Does anyone know if the silhouette would cut through it ?

Patty Ann Smith said:
Patty Ann Smith's picture

My first project will be the key ring strap for my granddaughter. then make the owl to place on another granddaughter's backpack. 

Blukatdesign Handmade Jewelry said:
Blukatdesign Handmade Jewelry's picture

This looks so fun! I would make jewelry  but the coasters look cool too:)

omer islam said:
omer islam's picture

this is fantastic and very interesting fun with Phoomph for fabric by coats.i am using this fabric flowerbelt sewing female dress and enjoy this fun. 

majsmith said:
majsmith's picture

I could definately see some fun quiet/preschool learning books made out of it.

ruth_songer said:
ruth_songer's picture

This would make a great base for an altered book using the new Tim Holtz fabrics that Coats is to be commended for bringing to market. The two products would work together amazingly!!!! mendingwal@gmail.com

jillmajers said:
jillmajers's picture

I would use it with my die cutter to make Christmas ornaments. This stuff looks like fun!

judy wentz said:
judy wentz's picture

I could love this stuff!!!!  It has been needed for a long time.  I would use it to stiffen the bottom of purses.

monogramshoppe said:
monogramshoppe's picture

Oh, there are so many ideas!! I love the key fobs and coasters best! I think that I would also like to make a very nice checkered board game board with some really cool fabric, and make some really cute shaped game piece checkers to go with it! Love the idea of this new product! Thank you!

sewnsew said:
sewnsew's picture

I'm thinking of maybe making mousepads - maybe combining it with an embroidery of my company's logo and giving them to my friends at work!

Robin W said:
Robin W's picture

I'm lovin' those bag tags!  But a fun embellishment for a coat would be nice, too.  Thanks for the chance to win!

Arteria said:
Arteria's picture

I would love to use this project to make fabric trinket/gift boxes. It would also make great buttons and/or flowers for purses, totes and my fabric boxes. Cant wait to try it. Sounds like a lot of fun and seems easy to use.

SEWNYA said:
SEWNYA's picture

What an exciting new product!  I am anxious to start playing with some to see what I can do with it.  I would like to try to se if I can use it as a stiffener to make some faux cornices to attach to some existing built in cornices.  Thanks for opening the window to the possibilities.

DeliaB said:
DeliaB's picture

I need the soft Phoomph to cover/recycle my empty popcorn tin cans.

cathymichels said:
cathymichels's picture

I think it would be great with laminate fabric for outdoor banners.  Love the coaster idea.  Also would be great for making shapes for mobiles.

WendyKB said:
WendyKB's picture

I would use it to make photo magnets for the fridge using pictures of family and friends, especially family that does not live close. 

Rosemary Rivas(nellieduclos@yahoo.com) said:
Rosemary Rivas(nellieduclos@yahoo.com)'s picture

I would love to make some name tags out of chalkboard cloth for an up-and-coming family picnic.  That way they could be reusable!  Can you sew through this new PHOOMPH? or will it leave a sticky residue on your needle?  Does it come in different weights?

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ Rosemary Rivas - as mentioned above, it can leave a residue, which is why we recommended not using a sewing machine and if using a hand sewing needle, be prepared to toss it after use. Again as shown above, there is only the one thickness but two textures.

acvelasco said:
acvelasco's picture

Would love to use it for 3D hairbows, personalized lanyards or little girl's jewelry, journal covers, pencil toppers. Options are really endless.

FrontierLady said:
FrontierLady's picture

Phoomph would make a great cover for journals and assignments books for school children or for those outside in the weather.  I like taking the small inexpensive journals available in craft stores and covering them with bright fabric.

daniela silvia said:
daniela silvia's picture

You might realize bouquets for brides and decorations for the wedding:

janmacwill said:
janmacwill's picture

I often help out in a costume shop at a local university. I think this product would broaden our horizons, especially with ornamentaion for hats. At home, I think it would make cut little picture frames, fabric book covers, placemats and more.

kwilter11 said:
kwilter11's picture

Phoomph would make great Christmas ornaments.  I can see making red poinsettias to nestle in with the greenery too. 

Mary Kolb said:
Mary Kolb's picture

This product would work great for children's bibs.  It would hold it's shap and keep spills from soaking through to their clothing.

Rubelbj said:
Rubelbj's picture

I would think this would be really cute made into Curtain tiebacks.  You could change for the seasons.

melissamo1 said:
melissamo1's picture

What a fun product!!!  I could really use it right no frame!  w!  I am decorating a "science" themed bedroom.  It would be perfect for the different shapes I want to cut out, (atomic symbols and microscope shapes.)  This would be a fantastic way to decorate in 3-d!  I could actually have the shapes stand out a little bit in the frame or as little decorations ON the frame.

zontziry said:
zontziry's picture

I was thinking of flannel board pieces, but I don't know if the backing to Phoomph would stick to flannel very well?  Otherwise, it would be fun for making some geeky keychains for friends, and the soft Phoomph would be awesome for details on stuffies!

logcabin389 said:
logcabin389's picture

Sounds like a great product. I think it would be perfect to make embellishments for wreaths and Christmas decorations.

emily coggins said:
emily coggins's picture

I think this would be great for placemats for the patio, using laminated cotton...great hostess gift!

mikamika said:
mikamika's picture

I will use PHOOMPH to make a cousage.  I have been looking for this type of fabric bonding sheets.

cyndi_b said:
cyndi_b's picture

I plan to use Phoomph in the 3d crafts I make monthly for my front entrance door. Looking forward to adding more dimension. Going to look for this at JoAnns when I go later this week.

michelemilam said:
michelemilam's picture

Photo mat boards to match my pictures, frames and scrap books.

Beachwatts said:
Beachwatts's picture

I would use it to help decorate everything for my daughter's upcoming wedding!

i_am_banjo said:
i_am_banjo's picture

I think it would be fun to make a set of alphabet magnets for kids.  You could use an alphabet die set to cut out all the letters and then put magnets on the back.  They'd have fun letters to play with and they wouldn't hurt your feet when they fell on the kitchen floor and you stepped on them!

Kathleen Ann said:
Kathleen Ann's picture

I would use it along with some fun kid fabrics and make a matching/memory game type thing.I also love the coaster idea - great gift!

vasewist said:
vasewist's picture

I was thinking that a tablet case/stand with 3 dimensional embellishments would be so pretty.

repons said:
repons's picture

Hi, I  really like this idea, I can´t wait to try with nice coasters. I enjoy every new idea you show here and the tutorials

I want one of them

Elizabeth Wyatt Sewing Patterns said:
Elizabeth Wyatt Sewing Patterns's picture

This would be perfect for our Girl Scout troop to use for crafts since it doesn't need to be ironed - just great for kids!  I think our first project would be bookmarks to go along with our early literacy service project.