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Super Fast & Super Cute: Fashionista Baby Burp Cloths

Monday, 17 June 2013 1:00

Drool. Spit up. Food smears. There's a lot of stuff that comes out of babies' mouths. It's a darn good thing a sweet little coo or heart-melting smile comes out once in awhile too. That makes it all worthwhile. But... a burp cloth is still a must! Ours are so quick and easy to make, you can whip out of slew of them in an afternoon. Absorbent terry cloth on the back makes them functional. Sassy print fabric on the front makes them fabulous.

Bob's Doggie Dryer

Thursday, 20 September 2012 3:00

Contrary to stories you may have heard, it doesn't really rain all the time in Oregon. We do have a rainy season... it's just a lot longer than other rainy seasons around the world. It's about time for those rains to start, which means soggy dog paws won't be far behind. As with many folks, our pets are inside/outside critters. If they are going in and out during the aforementioned "rainy season," it's nice to be able to dry them off before they come in. "That's what rags are for!" you say. True, but rags are usually not very absorbant, they tend to be kind of small, and worst of all, they leave you and your clothes exposed to the dripping doggie. Sew4Home partner, Bob Johnson thought we needed to design a towel that could protect the dryer while sopping up the dryee. Thus was born the soon-to-be-famous, Bob's Doggie Dryer. It's a long, double-layer towel with a large pocket on either end. Slip one hand into each pocket for easy drying control; the wide center of the towel stays between you and the wet doggie-dog. Great idea Bob, and great modeling job, Doggie Elaine... even though she was a little confused about why we kept pouring water on her head during the photo shoot. 


Nursing Cover With Secret Pocket

Wednesday, 29 September 2010 9:00

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We've had several requests for a stylish nursing cover, and have risen to the challenge with this very easy-to-make version – complete with a hidden inside pocket for nursing pads or baby wipes. The more common name for this item out on the Internet appears to be: 'Hooter Hider' – uh, alrighty then. Makes me think of skimpy t-shirts and chicken wings, so I'm stickin' with Nursing Cover if it's all the same to you. Ours is soft knit on the outside with a woven cotton print on the inside, giving Mom something pretty to look at.

Summer Fun: Terry Towel Coverup & Matching Beach Pillow

Thursday, 29 July 2010 9:00

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Back in the day, your 'beach towel' was simply a ratty bath towel that had seen better days and which Mom allowed you to drag outside. Today's beach towels are colorful terry cloth works of art in jumbo sizes. We used one to make our simple summer beach wrap. A clever cut allows you to make optimum use of the towel's bound edges, and leaves you the perfect scrap to create a matching pillow. To add a splash of summer fun, we braided three colors of polka dot knit to create the wrap's wonderful ties. It's all super quick to make, so you can be lounging by the shore in style before all the good spots are gone.


Baby Gifts: Pretty Bird Hooded Towel With Matching Washcloth

Tuesday, 06 July 2010 9:00

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This is absolutely one of the best baby gifts ever! Bundling up baby after bath time with a hooded towel is easier and cozier. The hood doesn't just help dry those clean mop tops, it actually acts as a little anchor, allowing mom or dad to more quickly wrap the rest of the towel around squirming, slippery baby-boo. Ours is made with Michael Miller Fabrics' great new organic terry cloth and features a matching bound washcloth. Free patterns are included.


Baby Gifts: Pretty Bird Travel Changing Pad

Thursday, 24 June 2010 9:00

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Go, baby, go! Diaper bags are great, but sometimes seem so big and bulky. When you're on-the-go and need a clean, soft surface for a quick change, this travel pad is perfect. The center panel, where baby's buns go, is a heavy, quality polar fleece. It resists water (for quick mop up) and is super soft. Works like a charm without being bulky. The entire pad folds and wraps up small enough to pop into a shoulder bag... or keep it in the car for travel emergencies.


Art Journal Super-Stylin' Appliquéd Burp Cloth - Guest Tutorial by Bari J.

Friday, 28 May 2010 10:00

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We're back with the second of Bari J. Ackerman's two delightful Art Journal projects. We adore the painterly look of this Windham Fabrics line, and were thrilled when Bari offered to put together two projects just for us. This is simply the world's most stylin' burp cloth. If I'd had something like this when my kids were babies, I would have ruined a lot fewer shirts and jackets. Okay... raise your hand if you've walked around for an entire day at work with a spit-up stain on your back shoulder! Check out the appliqué collage; this is a Bari 'signature style' - a wonderful combination of color, texture and pattern.

Mother's Day: Spa Wrap

Friday, 30 April 2010 9:00

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This cozy terry cloth wrap will make Mom feel like she's at a luxury spa every time she steps out of the shower. We used extra-thirsty 100% cotton terry velour in a soft pink. The polka dot binding, flower accent and ribbon-edged pocket add the elements of style that make this such a perfect gift. Velcro as well as pretty ribbon straps keep everything in place... there'll be no awkward slipping, sliding, hiking and tugging with this wrap. Tuck in some pretty soaps or bath beads and you have a present that Mom will enjoy every day.


Designer Shower Curtain with Snap-on Grommets

Friday, 26 February 2010 9:00

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A shower curtain is an easy item to sew; it's just big! You can make one in just a few hours and give your bathroom a whole new look. We made this one from a couple of our favorite prints in Patty Young's Flora & Fauna collection. When you select fabrics, look for something that will blend nicely at the seams, such as the all-over pattern of the Humming Birds fabric we used. Or, if you're a bit more advanced, go for something you can pattern-match, a stripe for instance. You'll notice there are great little sewing techniques here that will apply to all kinds of projects, including several different seam and hem finishing options.

Monogram Week: How to Monogram a Plush Towel

Tuesday, 20 October 2009 9:00

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Monogrammed towels lend a lush and elegant accent to any bathroom. And they make fabulous gifts for newlyweds or an anniversary. The only problem is they're often far too pretty to actually use. I've gotten past this problem by pretending my bathroom is really part of a luxury suite at a five-star resort. This image is usually shattered when my teenage son wanders through the door in his boxers looking for toothpaste. If monogrammed towels keep me close to my dream ... I'm usin' 'em!