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Nursing Cover-Up with a Secret Pocket

Wednesday, 23 May 2018 1:00

We've had several requests for a stylish nursing cover, and have risen to the challenge with this very easy-to-make version – complete with a hidden inside pocket for nursing pads or baby wipes. The more common name for this item out on the Internet appears to be: 'Hooter Hider' – uh, alrighty then. Makes me think of skimpy t-shirts and chicken wings, so I'm stickin' with Nursing Cover if it's all the same to you. Ours is soft knit on the outside with a woven cotton print on the inside, giving Mom something pretty to look at.

Hooded Baby Bath Towel and Matching Bound Washcloth

Tuesday, 13 March 2018 1:00

This is absolutely one of the best baby gifts ever! Bundling up baby after bath time with a hooded towel is easier and cozier. The hood doesn't just help dry those newly clean mop tops, it actually acts as a little anchor, allowing mom or dad to more quickly wrap the rest of the towel around squirming, slippery baby-boo. Ours features a cotton accent fabric for the hood and a matching bound washcloth. Downloadable patterns are offered below.

Whale Appliqué Hand Towels: Make Hand Washing Fun for Kids

Friday, 29 September 2017 1:00

Wash your hands! As we move into cold and flu season, this is the strongest piece of advice from doctors to help prevent the spread of germs. Getting your little ones to follow this recommendation can be challenging. Make washing up more fun with these cute hand towels. We’ve created two adorable whale designs you can download for free. Appliqué them on store-bought hand towels, then let the kiddos know that when they wash and dry, they’re keeping themselves and the whales happier and healthier. Because you really don’t want to see a whale sneeze! 

Mesh Laundry Bags in Two Sizes

Thursday, 07 September 2017 1:00

Mesh laundry bags to collect your washables are certainly readily available in stores and online, and they can be relatively inexpensive to purchase. However, they usually aren't as well-made as you'd like, or maybe you need a special teeny-tiny size for baby socks, or want a fun color to tempt an otherwise messy teen to pick up his underwear. Time to bust out a few of your own. They're super easy; we made our two samples in nothing flat. 

Kid's Laundry Duffle with Free Embroidery Design Download

Thursday, 11 May 2017 1:00

Just like that crafty Mary Poppins, sometimes you need to sweeten the pot to get chores done. We scaled down a traditional laundry duffle to kid size, making it easy to fill and carry into the laundry room. Plus, the super-cute appliqué on the front leaves no doubt about what needs to be done with the bag's contents! Inside is an easy-care mesh lining, so odors and dampness stay at a minimum. And the bright green baby pom pom trim is a perfect finishing touch. But wait... there's more: we've included both a free downloadable appliqué template as well as a special bonus machine embroidery design download (also free) for our S4H friends with embroidery machines. Whip one up in the favorite colors of each little mess-maker in your life. 

Terry Cloth Shower Wraps for Men & Women

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 1:00

If you’ve ever hunted for terry cloth, you know it can be challenging to find. If you do finally locate some, color choice and weight options are likely to be minimal, and the quality can be iffy. Thanks to the softness experts at Shannon Fabrics, those worries are over. They offer a wonderful selection of premium terry cloth in different colors, weights, and even textures. Pick out your favorites to make our pair of classic shower wraps. There’s a full length wrap for women and a waist wrap for men. Great for yourself or as a snuggly gift. Drying off just got a lot more stylish. 

Six-Pocket Round Bath Caddy: Go Back-to-School in Style

Tuesday, 02 August 2016 1:00

The new tiny house movement has nothing on dorm life, where living space shrinks to the bare minimum and you're welcomed to the world of the communal bathroom. For kids heading off to college, it's often the first experience in condensing all their belongings to fit into a very small shared space. Let them use this great looking, super functional round caddy to keep bath necessities together in one handy organizer that's easy to tote back and forth. We worked with our friends at Fabric Depot to select a heavier-weight Oxford Cloth in a fun dot pattern; it reminded us of happy little soap bubbles. The pretty exterior is paired with a water repellent rip stop nylon for the lining.

Terry Cloth Shower Wraps for Men & Women: Fabric Depot & Shannon Fabrics

Monday, 27 June 2016 1:00

We were thrilled to learn about the new terry cloth styles and colors from Shannon Fabrics and to know that Fabric Depot would be carrying a great selection. If you’ve ever hunted for terry cloth, you know how challenging it can be to find. If you do finally locate some, it’s likely to come in white, white and white! And, the quality can be iffy. Those worries are over! Premium terry cloth by Shannon Fabrics has landed at Fabric Depot. We scooped some up right away, designing a pair of classic shower wraps. There’s a full length wrap for women and a waist wrap for men. Great for yourself or as a snuggly gift. Drying off just got a lot more lovely. 

ScrapBusters: Washcloths with Patchwork Binding

Thursday, 21 April 2016 1:00

It's time to bust out some scraps! This super cute project targets some of the smaller pieces in your bag of favorite fabric bits. Our project takes an ordinary washcloth to the next level by adding a very pretty patchwork bound edge. We created a standard single fold bias binding and attached it in the traditional two-step method to a soft terry cloth center. There are links within the article below to full tutorials on both making and attaching bias binding. The extra-special part is how the binding is created from a patchworked panel. Pull out some of your favorite skinny scraps, piece them together side by side, then cut the bias strips from this assembled fabric panel. 

Giant Towel Doggy Dryer

Friday, 23 October 2015 1:00

Contrary to stories you may have heard, it doesn't really rain all the time in Oregon (especially this year!). We do have a rainy season... it's just a lot longer than other place's rainy seasons. It's about time for those rains to start in earnest, which means soggy doggy paws won't be far behind. As with many folks, our pets are inside/outside critters. If they are going in and out during the aforementioned "rainy season," it's nice to be able to dry them off before they come in. "That's what rags are for!" you say. True, but rags are usually not very absorbant, they tend to be kind of small, and worst of all, they can leave you and your clothes exposed to the dripping doggie. We designed a towel that can protect the dryer while sopping up the dryee. Our Doggie Dryer is a long, double-layer towel with a large pocket at either end. Slip one hand into each pocket for easy drying control; the wide center of the towel stays between you and the wet doggie-dog. Idea credit goes to Bob Johnson, and modeling credit to sweet Doggie Elaine... even though she was a little confused about why we kept pouring water on her head during the photo shoot.