My first thought was to mention how much this tool looks like a telephone handset. Then I wondered, “Does anyone still have a telephone hand set?” The preponderance of cell phones aside, the full-size Ruler Grip does resemble a phone, but its function isn’t communication, it’s stabilization. If you do any rotary cutting, you will love these tools from the ruler experts at Omnigrid. When our friends at Fabric Depot walked me over to their measuring section, I had to catch my breath. Be still my heart – so many cool tools! But this gripper is one of our personal favorites in the Sew4Home studios, so we’ll start here. The Omnigrid Ruler Grips suction, I mean really suction, onto your ruler or template so you can hold it in place securely and safely while you cut. It’s handy for both long slices as well as tricky little angles.

Here’s what used to happen: I’d have my ruler perfectly aligned for a cut; I’d place my hand on my ruler to hold it in place, start the cut with my rotary cutter, all would be going well, and then… my hand would wiggle, then it would wobble, then the ruler would slip and my cut would be ruined.  A lot of shouting and some sobbing would ensue, until I realized that at least (this time), I didn’t accidentally slice into my finger. 

An Omnigrid Ruler Grip keep things steady, straight and safe… even on long lengths, one of the hardest cuts to keep straight. Better cuts, less blood! What more could you ask for? It’s definitely one of our secrets to keeping things on the ‘straight and narrow.’ 

Spending a little bit on a Ruler Grip can save you money in the long run becuase you’re less likely to ruin your pretty fabric with inaccurate cuts. Fabric Depot carries the Large Ruler Grip for $11.99 and the Small Ruler Grip for $9.59. Both are on sale today!

Our thanks to Fabric Depot for providing both the Double Suction Cup and Single Suction Cup options for our review and tutorial. Both sizes are available now online. Remember, deep discount sites never offer the sales and customer support you get with a online expert. We encourage you to shop and support the sites that make a difference. Fabric Depot is proud to invest in information and education to insure you have the best sewing experience possible. 

We’re also featuring four coordinating Omnigrid rulers/templates: 6″ x 24″, 12½” x 12½”, 6½” x 6½”, and an 8″ Half Square Triangle. These four, and many more, are available for immediate shipment from the Fabric Depot website


An Omnigrid Ruler Grip and ruler would be an amazing combo for any sewer, quilter or crafter on your holiday list. Check out the full Ruler and Template Category at Fabric Depot. If you’re a new visitor, you can use coupon code FDNEW1014 at checkout for 10% off your first order with Fabric Depot

The Double Suction Cup Ruler Grip

This is the above-mentioned “phone receiver” lookalike. It features two large suction cups on either end of an ergonomic handle. In the photo above, the suction lock levers are in the open position. 

Simply press the suction cups against your ruler then flip down the levers on top of each cup to lock the Ruler Grip in place.

The design of the suction cups increases the surface area pressing down on the ruler, replacing the shaky pressure of your own flattened hand with a solid, even downward force. This is especially important when you are making longer cuts. 

It’s like the difference between a slap to the face and a punch. Gripping a handle to press down is a much stronger option than pressing with an open hand.

It looks big, but the tool is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and the handle is comfortable to hold. 

For best results, use a ruler with a smooth surface at least 4″ wide. We used the classic Omnigrid 6″ x 24″ ruler

There can’t be any slots, holes or other openings beneath the suction cups, and the cups can’t hang over the edge of the ruler. If there’s any air getting in, the suction won’t work. It worked great on this larger Omnigrid 12½ x 12½” Square Ruler

Also, it’s best if both the ruler surface and the suction cup surfaces are clean and dry. The Ruler Grip‘s plastic body is waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

When you’re done, simply flip up the locking levers to release the suction. 

If it doesn’t completely release, slide your fingernail under the cup or gently pull up on the little tab to break the suction and allow the tool to pop loose.

The Single Suction Cup Ruler Grip

For smaller tasks, there’s a smaller Ruler Grip with a single contoured handle and a flip top lock and release lever. Flip it up to apply suction. Flip it down again to release the suction.

It works exactly like the larger Ruler Grip, keeping your rulers and templates, such as the 6½” x 6½ shown below, from slipping around and your hand up and away from the rotary cutter’s blade. 

As with the other model, once attached, the excellent suction allows you to move the ruler or template quickly, and easily hold it down in the exact position you need. This is a great option for shaped rulers and templates, like the Omnigrid 8″ Half Triangle Square shown below. 

If your arm sometimes gets sore all the way from the wrist right up to the shoulder when you’re doing a lot of precise cutting, it may be because you’re too tense and worried the ruler is going to move out of position. With an Omnigrid Ruler Grip, you can cut with stress-free confidence. 

These tools are well-designed, easy to position and comfortable to hold. But most importantly… there’s no more last-minute slips and slides!

Our thanks again to Fabric Depot for helping us with this cutting tool tutorial. We’re excited to be able to partner with them to bring you the latest and greatest products that can make sewing faster, easier and best of all, more fun.

Remember, if you’re a new visitor, you can use coupon code FDNEW1014 at checkout for 10% off your first order with Fabric Depot

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