I have to admit the first thing that drew me to this product was the name. How could you not want to learn more about something called Getta Grip?! Getta Grip® Sewing Clips are the brainchild of designer and fashion illustrator, Paul Gallo. They are now packaged and available from Dritz, which means they’re affordable and easy to find just about anywhere. One thing you’re always trying to do in sewing is “hold it together.” Mentally – sure, there are days, but we’re talking about keeping layers from shifting, forming flat fabric around a dimensional shape, or stopping specialty fabrics from slip, sliding away. These clips hold fast but won’t damage the surface they’re gripping. 

The Getta Grip® Sewing Clips are featured right now in the New Products section on the updated Dritz website. We went into this section curious about how many new products they might come out with this year. A dozen? Not even close. The New Products section runs five pages! That’s more than 150 items they’ve recently released. No wonder they have such a huge selection of notions. Fortunately, they also have a handy filter feature so you can see the new products by category. As we’ve said before, their new site really makes it easy to find what you want.

Getta Grip® Sewing Clips come six to a package, which is plenty for many uses. But once you have a set, you’re likely to come up with all sorts of ideas – you’ll want to pick up several packs. 

They’re made of chrome plated lightweight plastic with a symmetrical flat shape that makes them easy to open with very little pressure. You don’t need a grip of steel, Getta Grip® Clips open with a simple squeeze, yet clamp to the fabric and hold on tight. 

And shouldn’t all our sewing notions come with pretty artwork looking back at us while we work?

Even with such a secure grip, one of the key features of these clips is how gentle they are for all types of fabrics. Lace, knit, chiffon, leather; these clips are designed to never cut, indent, snag or otherwise torture your fabric. 

We put the clips through their paces for a number of common uses. Our focus was on the sewing-related uses, but Getta Grip® Clips are also great for beading and crafts, scrapbooking, and holding no-sew layers together while the glue dries. 

Apparel construction and alteration on a dress form

Spit out that mouthful of straight pins! Lightweight and easy to maneuver with one hand, Getta Grip® Clips are great when draping and fitting on a dress form. 

No-pain-all-gain fitting on a real model

The best dress form is the real person you’re sewing for, but I know we’ve all stabbed our patient models with sharp pins as we gather, tuck, and hem their garments. Getta Grip® clips hold without sharp points, which also means no more accidental drops of blood on that white wedding dress.

Hold delicates without damage

Lace, chiffon, organza… delicate fabrics are so beautiful, but they live up to their name and are easy to tear and snag. One of designer Paul Gallo’s number one concerns when inventing these clips was to protect the fabric’s surface. You can safely use Getta Grip® Clips on any fabric. 

Get a grip on super slippery knits

We love the drape and swirl of a beautiful jersey knit, but keeping the layers where you want them can be like trying to hold on to a wriggling puppy. Clip and grip without slip. 

Loose weaves lose pins

If you have a very loosely woven fabric, like a burlap or lacy sweater knit, trying to get a traditional straight pin to stay put is challenging at best. Getta Grip® clips sandwich the fabric for a firm hold

Getta Grip® ♥ laminate, faux leather and other specialty fabrics

There are substrates that specifically state to avoid pins. Getta Grip® Sewing Clips are the perfect alternative when working with laminates, vinyls, faux and real leather, PUL and more. No perforations. No distortion. 

Wrangling ribbons

It’s so much easier to stitch ribbon in place if you have clean, pin-free edges. Fusible web is one option for holding ribbon, but we thought the Getta Grip® Clips might be another good choice – and they were! Clip each end to hold the ribbon taut and smooth.

Corral itty bitty items

As with the loose weave fabrics mentioned above, fine cords, yarns and other thin trims are very hard to keep in place with regular straight pins. The tips of the Getta Grip® Clips have just the right arc and pressure to firmly capture these little spaghetti strands of embellishments.

Great for quilt bindings 

The grip depth is exact and the pressure is perfect to keep your quilt bindings straight and true as you machine or hand stitch them in place. Because they’re so easy to work one-handed, it’s quick to remove them as you sew.

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