Here at Sew4home, we’re all about helping you learn techniques to make your sewing faster, easier, and more fun. But we certainly can’t cover all the tools and tricks. So we’re always on the lookout for additional resources to send your way. The recently updated Video Tutorial Library from our friends at Dritz® has over 30 short videos that teach you how to use a variety of their products. We’ve watched them all, and have a review of some of our favorites. You’ll want to bookmark this handy YouTube channel to increase your notions know-how!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth several thousands. All the videos in the Dritz® Library are short and sweet, giving you the important steps to successful product use in compact videos that range from just twenty seconds to no longer than six minutes. A quick watch, and you’re ready to use your new tool. 

The topics cover sewing aids to clothing care to drapery findings, and more. You may even recognize a few products we’ve addressed here on Sew4Home, such as our articles on Covered Buttons, The Speedy Stitcher, and Dritz® Espadrilles. If you learn more effectively from moving pictures, make sure you review the Dritz® Cover Button Video, Stitcher Video, and Espadrilles Video to cement your knowledge.

It’s always great to find out about a product that’s available for a task you’ve been avoiding. We were delighted to see Dritz® has a Clothing Zipper Repair Kit.

Several of the videos are more about introducing you to a great idea. The use of the product is super simple, but seeing it in action lets you know, “I gotta get one of those!” This happened when we watched how easy it was to pick up scattered pins with the Dritz® Magnetic Pin Wand.

Another video that made us immediately add the product to our shopping list, was the Thermal Thimbles. Yes! Another innovation that is so simple yet so helpful. 

One of the things we appreciate about the huge selection of Dritz® notions is how they continue to support all types sewing, even tasks that have become less popular in our modern, throw-away society. We loved that they have a Darning Egg and a video tutorial on the lost art of darning

Dritz® hasn’t forgotten about things to help with your sewing machine. Although many machine models have built-in needle threaders, it certainly isn’t universal and none have a way for you to easily insert a new needle (something you should do often for the best stitching results). So we were very interested to watch the video on the Dritz® Machine Needle Inserter & Threader. It’s another must-have!

These are just a few of the highlights from the current 35 videos available to watch in the Dritz® Video Tutorial Library. Over a dozen of the videos are brand new, having just been added in the last weeks of 2015. So, if you’ve visited the Library before, now’s a great time to go back to see what’s new. And, they’ll be more videos added throughout this year, so check back often. 

We’re thankful to have Dritz® as one of our Sew4Home sponsors, and are excited to continue to bring you new and different ideas for how to put their products to use.

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