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June is 4 Home Improvement: Mom's Favorite Apron

Friday, 07 June 2013 1:00

With summer comes time to do some much needed chores around the house. There's the wonderful bounty from the gardens and orchards to pick, can and bake into pretty pies. There are painting projects calling your name. And isn't it time to freshen up your décor with new pillows or curtains? Of course, you'll whistle while you work, but you should also be wearing your favorite apron! For this, I want you to close your eyes and imagine your mom, your grandma or maybe even your favorite next door neighbor. The woman who was always wearing an apron as she bustled through her household chores. Maybe she's hanging sheets on the line, maybe sweeping off the front steps with an old wooden broom, maybe pulling her umpteenth cherry pie warm from the oven. The fabric was a pretty little print in fresh spring colors. It was long enough to cover all the way to her knees, and soft enough to float in the breeze from her open kitchen windows. That apron... her apron... is what we have for you today.


June is 4 Grads: Fold Over Book Bag/Tote

Tuesday, 04 June 2013 1:00

Grads are going places, which means they can always use a cool tote for books and more. Sometimes they need a lot of space... sometimes just a little. This versatile bag will give them the best of both worlds. Opened up to its full 18" height, you have a full-size tote with riveted carry handles. Fold over the top and use the shoulder strap to create a compact, purse-size carryall. Thanks to our official "grad model," Lydia, a proud member of the lucky '13 senior class. 


June is 4 Dads: Bucket Tote for Tools & More

Monday, 03 June 2013 1:00

The month of June includes a lot of gift-giving opportunities, including Father's Day on June 16th. Our bucket tote is a great gift for the Mister-Fix-It Dad in your life, who has been known to shout, "Who stole my screwdriver again?!" loudly enough for the neighbors to hear. With this generous bucket, he can keep all his "tools of the trade" in one place so it's easy to take them wherever he needs to go. The finished tote is approximately 12" tall and 10" in diameter with a 6¾" deep pocket panel. A perfect size for small jobs around the house. We don't recommend trying to machine wash this tote when completed. It is meant to be wiped clean. Spraying the finished tote with a coating of Scotch-Gard® will help keep tool dirt at bay.