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Colorful Placemat Set with Handstitched Accents

Thursday, 22 May 2014 1:00

The serenity of a neutral palette is so cool and calming. But sometimes, you gotta shake things up with a burst... no, an explosion of color. This set of four mix-and-match placemats uses nine different fabrics (eight for the two-part fronts and one for all the backs) in the bold colors and patterns of Ty Pennington Impressions. The riveting jewel tones are drop dead gorgeous, but the design itself is just begging for your own infusion of style. A thick floss running stitch across the border adds a subtle dash of handmade flair.


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Fabric Box-Baskets in Jenean Morrison/In My Room

Thursday, 07 February 2013 1:00

I think a lot of people in our S4H audience like stuff to put other stuff in. Every time we do any kind of a storage solution here, we get rave reviews. Our structured fabric baskets are at the top of that list. We have a new variation of them today in Jenean Morrison's In My Room collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics. I call them box-baskets. They're created in essentially the same manner as a number of our previous baskets, but we've changed the shape, the height, and the base in order to give them more of the feel of a box. And, we're using a heavy canvas strapping for the easy-to-grab side handle loops. We've worked with Jenean before and just love her. This new collection is wonderfully reminiscent of the playful little patterns of the sixties and seventies, which ties into collection's name; In My Room is also a Beach Boys hit from their 1963 Surfer Girl album.


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Farm Girl Reversible Apron in Felicity Miller/Charleston Farmhouse

Wednesday, 06 February 2013 1:00

Today we're introducing a brand new designer for S4H, Felicity Miller. It was a suggestion from FreeSpirit to give her brand new collection, Charleston Farmhouse a try, and we are so glad we agreed. Everyone who came into contact with this fabric in the Sew4Home studios loved it. We knew we wanted to do an apron, and in order to be able to use a number of different fabrics from within the collection, we decided to make the apron reversible. We've done it up in vintage "farm girl" style with an over-the-head bib; a wide sash that ties low at the waist for a long, comfy look; and a deep bottom ruffle. 


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Elegant Runner, Napkins & Ties in Victoria & Albert/Godwin

Monday, 04 February 2013 1:00

In medieval times, when the local castle was home not only to the landed aristocracy but also many of the surrounding townspeople as well as extended family and friends, the great hall was where just about everything took place, including meals. The very first tables were literally just large boards. When not in use, the board was hung on the wall. When ready for a meal, it was brought down and balanced on the knees of the diners. If you've ever wondered where the "board" of room and board came from... now you know; it meant a place at the table or board. This historical preamble seems apropos given today's table linen fabric is Godwin from the Victoria & Albert Museum collection by Rowan Fabrics. Godwin is based on designs by Edward William Godwin, an English architect and designer who, during the mid to late 1800s, was known as a progressive and experimental artist, one of the first to introduce a Japanese influence to the European design repertory. You can see this in the "Bamboo" fabric used in our elegant table runner.


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Square Ruffled Pillow in Jennifer Paganelli/Happy Land

Friday, 01 February 2013 1:00

The classic pillow shape is the square. But if that seems a little too, well... square for your home décor happiness project, soften it with a beautiful ruffle. Not only does does a ruffle give your pillow a more interesting shape, it's also a great way to bring in a second fabric and really make a pillow pop. Today's hip-to-be-square pillow is the third of our trio in Jennifer Paganelli's Happy Land collection, part of our 10 Designers & 10 Collections series for FreeSpirit and Rowan Fabrics. The back features a pretty double-bow envelope closure, which means you can pull out the insert and make a new pillow cover whenever the mood strikes you.


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Gathered Round Cushion in Jennifer Paganelli/Happy Land

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 1:00

If you're happy and you know it... make a pillow. Pillows are one of the best things for a beginner to tackle; they're fast and fun projects for anyone and immediately brighten up your décor. Today's pillow in Jennifer Paganelli's Happy Land for FreeSpirit Fabrics is what I envision Little Miss Muffet's tuffet must look like. Even though you end up with a completely different look, today's pillow is constructed similarly to Monday's Happy Land bolster pillow. They both start as a tube. In this case, you gather the top and the bottom, cinching the fabric to create the cushion shape. You then conceal your gathering points with jumbo covered buttons.


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Ruched Tootsie Roll Pillow in Jennifer Paganelli/Happy Land

Monday, 28 January 2013 1:00

Two recent self improvement books that took the best-seller lists by storm centered on how to be happier: The Happiness Projectby Gretchen Rubin and her follow-up, Happier at Home. Here at S4H, we believe one of the best ways to be happier is to surround yourself with home décor that makes you smile. Why are you smiling? Because you made it yourself! We knew one of our 10 Designers & 10 Collections had to be Happy Land by Jennifer Paganelli for FreeSpirit Fabrics. Even though it's been out for awhile (a Fall 2012 debut), it caught our eye back then, and we've been waiting for a chance to use it. In fact, the Happy Land collection made us so happy, we were inspired to make three different pillows. Today's is a mini bolster. It looks fancy with its ruched center panel, piping accents and candy wrapper ends, but it's easier than you might think... because easy makes us happy!


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Long Ruffled Scarves in Valori Wells/Novella Rayon

Friday, 25 January 2013 1:00

What's the lifeblood of any wardrobe? Accessories! Why do we love accessories so much? Because they're a fast, economical way to jump start an old outfit. Throw on a belt, wrap up in a scarf, add a fabric flower pin... suddenly, it's a whole new look and feel. The small size of accessories also makes them a great way to try out new substrates, like the beautiful rayon we're using today from Valori Wells' Novella collection. Our long, beautiful scarf has an elastic channel through the middle, allowing it to ruche up into a fun, ruffly shape secured at each end with a pretty little bow. We made two scarves, each one in two coordinating rayons. Wear them separately or together. For yourself or as a gift, these quick and easy accessories are a great way to brighten up anyone's wardrobe for the new year. 


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Patchwork Floral Throw in Philip Jacobs/September 12 Collection

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 1:00

I may be dating myself here, but how many of you remember the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland® and DisneyWorld®? When I was little, it was one of my very favorite attractions at the theme park. True, there was no whooshing around a snow covered mountainside or flying through deep space. You were just sitting there on a long wooden bench next to other sweaty tourists, but you were surrounded by talking, singing birds in every size and color imaginable. It was a riot of sound, a tropical kaleidoscope. That's what's today's collection from Philip Jacobs reminded us of, and we came up with wonderful way to use his gorgeous bold motifs: a colorful patchwork throw to wrap up in and chase way the dull, grey winter days. The patchworking on this throw is very easy, and the quilting is done with a 9mm decorative stitch at each seamline, adding an extra splash of color and texture and uniting all the floral blocks. 


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Unisex Urban Shoulder Bag in Tula Pink/Salt Water

Monday, 21 January 2013 1:00

To me, Tula Pink is the I Spy of the fabric world. I can stare at her design collections over and over, and every time I find something new: a sailing ship in a courtier's elegant hair style, bumblebees and swallows hiding amongst the berries, a seagull bobbing on the waves. We've loved every one of Tula's collections for FreeSpirit Fabrics, and the brand new Salt Water collection made us fall head over heels again. We were inspired to create a sleek urban shoulder bag. Über trendy with bold graphic motifs and solid accents, anyone would love this handsome, functional bag. There are generous pockets both front and back, an extra zippered pocket in the front for secure storage, an inset zippered closure at the top, and a divided pocket inside the lining. At a finished size of 15" wide x 10" high with a 2" base, it's large enough to fit a standard laptop as well as additional papers, pads and pens. The shoulder strap adjusts to fit any height.