We love it when the delivery dude shows up with a box from Dritz® because great new products are likely to be inside! The clever minds at Dritz® are always working on new ways to make our sewing and crafting better, easier, and more fun. Today we’re showcasing five new items we liked and think you will too. You can find Dritz® notions at in-store and online retailers everywhere

Pearlized Heart Pins

Pins are one of the foundations of sewing. You might not give them a thought as you pin together your latest project. But if they’re dull, if they bend or break, if the tops snap off… then you’ll notice! Dritz® pins are known for their selection of high quality pins. These new Pearlized Heart Pins are extra-long with a fine yet strong shaft and a sharp point. The pretty heart tops make them easier grab, smoother to insert, and just plain prettier to look at in red, yellow, purple, pink, and green. Keep all 35 in their handy storage box or pop them into your favorite pin cushion.

Project Labels: Printed, Woven, and Continuous Twill Tape

Proud of your latest project? Label it! Dritz® calls them quilt labels, but they’re great for marking any handmade projects as specially created by you. There are several new options. The individual labels are 1″ x 2¼” with finished, pressed-back sides that make them easy to hand or machine stitch in place. Each set of nine labels contains three different designs. Choose the brightly colored woven labels or the subtle tones of the printed labels. You can also select from several new designs of continuous twill tape labels. In ⅝” x 1 yard lengths, cut the tape into individual segments or leave it long and to use as a cute ribbon to wrap up a bundle of your hand-crafted goodies. Designs include Made by Me!, My Creation! and Created for You.

Sure Grip Hand Embroidery Hoops

For the least distortion of your fabric, the best hand embroidery hoop shape is round. These two new hoops are part of the popular Dritz ® Loran® needlecraft product line. Not only are they the perfect round shape, the “Sure Grip” name alludes to the smart design: a concave edge on the inner ring precisely grips the convex edge of the outer, adjustable ring. The fabric holds taut while you’re working without slipping or shifting. Choose the mini 4″ hoop or the larger 7″ Hoop. We liked the large, metal knob that tightens and loosens the ring. It’s easy to grab onto and turn, even with longer fingernails. 

Twist ‘N’ Select™ Needle Storage Tube

This is one of the coolest little gadgets we’ve seen in awhile, and it addresses a problem we all have: keeping track of hand sewing needles. This Dritz® storage tube is about the size of a glue stick. You simply drop the needles into the center of the tube, point first. They land against the base, which has a strong magnet at its center. You can insert a variety of needle sizes up to 2¼” long. It holds a lot; there’s not an exact amount because the shape and size of the needles will determine what will fit, and you shouldn’t over-fill it. When all your needles are dropped into place, you do just what the name says: Twist ‘N’ Select. Twist the bottom to raise the needles into view. They fan out at the top to make it easy to grab the one you need. Thanks to that magnet, they won’t fall out; you can even turn it upside down without spilling. Snap on the cover when not in use. We loved the Dritz® organizational idea to sort your needle types into separate tubes and label each one. 

Omnigrip Neon Non-Slip Rulers

You can never have too many shoes or too many rulers. We all know the wisdom of this. We’re long-time fans of the Omnigrip Non-Slip rulers by Omnigrid®, so we’re always happy to see new shapes and sizes. These three new options are in their neon yellow series and work with rotary cutters and straight edge blades. This extra-bright yellow that highlights all the markings is super easy to see against fabrics of just about any color. The 8½” Square Ruler has a right and left hand numbering and angle system. There’s also a main diagonal line for triangle cuts and and an extra ½” inch on two intersecting sides for easy seam allowance calculating. The 6″ x 12″ Ruler also has the right and left hand numbering and angle system as well as 30˚, 45˚ and 60˚ intersecting angle lines. The 2½” x 18″ Ruler is great for short strips and sashing, and like the 6″ x 12″, it features the right and left hand numbering and angle system as well as 30˚, 45˚ and 60˚ intersecting angle lines. See the full selection at your favorite in-store or online retailer, or visit the Omnigrid website. Dritz® tells us this useful site is currently being re-designed, so check back often for the brand new look.

To find out more, we invite you to visit the Dritz® website or blog, and to follow them on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

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