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Valentine’s Day Great Giveaway

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We pick YOU to be our Valentine, and we’ve put together a sweet bundle of fabric and notions to say, “Thanks for being the best sewing and craft friends, fans, and followers on the Internet!” The red, pink, and gold color theme of our Giveaway bundle celebrates Valentine’s Day, but it’s a lovely color palette for any time of the year. It’s easy to enter to win. 

The foundation of our Valentine’s Day bundle is a very generous cut of a gorgeous Tula Pink fabric with jumbo pink polka dots against a warm red background interspersed with flying golden birds. This is one of Tula’s original quilt backing releases, which means it’s 108” in width! The bundle contains a ¾ yard cut!

In addition, there’s a four spool pack of Eclectic Elements thread by Coats, two coordinating packages of 1” polyester belting by Dritz, and two yards of beautiful Jacquard ribbon from Renaissance Ribbons.

The one lucky winner will also receive a set of our clever Sew4Home Door Hangers held together with a pair of Fons & Porter quilting clips. These funny door hangers can help keep your sewing space clear of invading armies.

As always, we send a huge THANKS to all our amazing sponsors for helping us build these Great Giveaways. When you support them, you support us, and we can continue to keep our giveaways great.

How to Enter to Win the 2020 Valentine Fabric + Notions Bundle

Leave us a short comment below telling us what you love about being a “Maker.” What is it about DIY and Handmade that ignites your creative spirit?

We’ll randomly draw one winner from all the valid comments to win the Valentine’s Day Bundle.

Enter now through midnight PT February 29, 2020 — Leap Day! No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.

NOTE: This Giveaway is open to our US visitors as well as our International visitors.


Comments (169)

lvyarn said:
lvyarn's picture

I like making gifts for family and friends. This allows me to give something unique instead of what is in every store.

Texassewist said:
Texassewist's picture

Making things is relaxing, challenging, and fun. It develops the mind, too! I enjoy trying many of your projects.

Sandy A in St. Louis said:
Sandy A in St. Louis's picture

I love that I am able to make something special that fist the person I am gving the gift to as well as get some "me" time to destress.

Suzanne Farris said:
Suzanne Farris's picture

Nothing is more fun than giving a handmade gift, and I'm getting ready to make Soothing Sented Eye Pillows for my six first cousins when we gather for a weekend. Shhhh, don't tell!

rdejam said:
rdejam's picture

 I love that I can make very personalized gifts for my family and friends that no one will ever find or see anywhere else.  They know I make things for them with so much love and bits of me like strands of my hair and swear word or 7.  :)

pjec said:
pjec's picture

When I'm in my creative mood and making something for someone, I like to think of that person while making something I think they will like or enjoy using.

MarySnyder said:
MarySnyder's picture

I enjoy being in my sewing room to create, embroider, and mend :)

Ann1 said:
Ann1's picture

love making things from scratch.  Love giving homemade gifts!  Love love making something that can be handed down generation after generation!

cdinardo said:
cdinardo's picture

 I simply love the process of creating something. I love working with the colors. the materials and then giving it away to someone who can enjoy it.

Donna Joy said:
Donna Joy's picture

I love being a maker of doll clothes for my granddaughter and seeing her happy face as she dresses her doll.  Thanks for the giveaway.

goonybird said:
goonybird's picture

It's so much fun to take "raw materials", cut it up, sew it back together, and make something beautiful, fun, useful, and new! It's the kind of art that I can Do!

Belinda B said:
Belinda B's picture

What a fun give away. Would love to win this group of products!

stephonic said:
stephonic's picture

I love being able to create unique items that I can’t find anywhere else

Ldivall said:
Ldivall's picture

I love holding the finished project and feeling the  joy of accomplishment and awe that I was actually able to create it.

donkeycreek@gmail.com said:
donkeycreek@gmail.com's picture

I like to make unique gifts that are personalized for family and friends.

julieaspear@gmail.com said:
julieaspear@gmail.com's picture

I feel so incredibly blessed to be a maker and to have found a fantastic passion in sewing! This creative outlet is my JOY and washes away any stress or negative thoughts I may be having! The other great JOY in this creative hobby for me are all the online friendships i have made with other creative like-minded souls! My Insta sewing buddies are THE BEST, most generous and kind people you could want to know!! I will be a maker until my last breath! 

Mistyfuji said:
Mistyfuji's picture

I love making items that make my home special & unique because they're handmade and not store bought. Plus, it gives me personal satisfaction to create and sew houseware and homeware items.

MRSwanSong said:
MRSwanSong's picture

I love making things for everyone and everybody.  It is the best brain exercise I know!

Kathy E. said:
Kathy E.'s picture

For me, being a maker gives me the opportunities to use my creative mind to put together fabrics, designs and patterns and make something unique and wonderful! I know that whatever I make is going to be loved, used, and be around for a long time. There will never be another one just like it and that makes it very special!

duchick at gmail dot com

djallen5517@hotmail.com said:
djallen5517@hotmail.com's picture

Everything I Make has love in ever stitch. Extra in the gifts I sew!

wekebu said:
wekebu's picture

For me, it's the connection to the women who came before me. When I sew something new, or repair something, I know they held the needle in their hand the same way I do. Yes, we have more gadgets now, but it's the same care and love that goes into the project.

Cushie803 said:
Cushie803's picture

I became a “maker” when I was laid off from my full time job 13 years ago. I decided to take the summer off and concentrate on my sewing & embroidery skills.  I love being able to make beautiful unique gifts. The absolute best part is seeing the reaction when I give a personalized gift I made with love. I made a simple iPad bag for my Mum for Christmas and embroidered her initials on it & she was so happy! I love making people happy! 

sewalittle2 said:

I love gathering all the supplies needed for my "Make!" Being a maker relaxes me and fills my heart with much happiness.

susan palmer 66 said:
susan palmer 66's picture

I send more love to my family with all projects I make. 

tac73 said:
tac73's picture

I love being able to pick out just the right materials and design to create something special. It is a great way for me to destress.

grandmarobbie said:
grandmarobbie's picture

I make numerous styles of bags, quilted lap robes, lanyards, vegetable steamer, mug buckets, and childrens Kuspuks (an Eskimo dress or shirt to go over winter outerwear) all of which are donated to the gift shop at Providence Extended Care Center.   The manager prices the items low to make them affordable to the patients and their families.   The money is then used to make sure every patient receives a birthday and Christmas gift.   I do this in memory of my mother who started the gift shop to benefit the patients.   I use a lot of Dritz hardware and Seams Great to clean finish the seams.

spparry@gci.net said:
spparry@gci.net's picture

I love being able to tailor the project and the fabric to the person I will gift it to.  The gifts are so much more meaningful, not to mention one of a kind!  And sewing just makes me feel happy.

DebAdams said:
DebAdams's picture

The Joy and Blessings I receive from being a 'Maker' and gifting those creations to friends is so much better than any enjoyment I get from being a recipient of something I receive from others. It is the result of knowing that I have put my heart and soul into what I make and you cannot beat that feeling!

kjc713 said:
kjc713's picture

I love creating unique things that surprise people. I'm all about the creative process from idea to end product.... even if the end product isn't always exactly what my imagination conceived!

bobbie jo said:
bobbie jo's picture

My favorite part of making things is that THEY STAY COMPLETELY FINISHED! A weeded garden, a clean house...great things to make happen but they never stay finished! I love that my finished projects are not 'undone' within hours of completion 

Maggie78 said:
Maggie78's picture

I enjoy the creativity involved and even more the joy the final product brings to the gift receiver, knowing that the item was especially made for them with love in every stitch.

rosemaryschild said:
rosemaryschild's picture

Satisfaction! Being a Maker means enjoying the wonderful feeling of a job well done!

Sunnybec said:
Sunnybec's picture

I think crafting is in my blood!  I get moody if I don't do a craft of some sort, I can't just sit, I have to be doing something, and I love that what starts out as bits of fabric or pieces of paper can be turned into something beautiful.   Thanks for the giveaway.

JamieS said:
JamieS's picture

I love how it takes me out of my usual headspace of worry, and makes me appreciate the tangible thing I've created. 

NightRaven said:
NightRaven's picture

I like being able to customize my decor and projects. I also like to sew clothing that is made for my body. 

katia9222 said:
katia9222's picture

I love being a Maker because it is relaxing for me.

I love to create gifts and useful things thanks to Sew-4-Home for my family and my friends, and to sew clothes for me.

Thank you for this give-away.

Sewinbear said:
Sewinbear's picture

I love being a maker because it is great to give gifts from the Heart to those I love . :) & also to share with others...like chaity quilts, etc...very nice to be able Bless others.

denisesharp said:
denisesharp's picture

I love the look my grandkids get when they get a new quilt, known as a "nana blanket"!  I just want to make more every time I see how thrilled they are!

sherylalawson said:
sherylalawson's picture

Best part of making it myself is knowing I'm continuing my grandmothers' legacies. They taught me well. 

cghundley said:
cghundley's picture

Fun giveaway! I love creating 

things and making them look

pretty. I like giving them to

family and feeling good!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Carla from Utah 

oceanwild said:
oceanwild's picture

It's fun. I'm already cutting out the next project as I'm finishing up the current. I've made gifts and curtains, etc. from Sew4home and Thanks for all the patterns and inspiration.

cindyschraw@yahoo.com said:
cindyschraw@yahoo.com's picture

I love to be able to make it mine with the fabric I choose. At Christmas, I also started teaching my husband to sew with his own machine. His first project was a cover for his glass saw we store in the garage. 

TMR said:
TMR's picture

I love being a MAKER for many reasons:  I find it very relaxing, I love creating things and I love people's reactions when they hear "I made that!" :-)

BJ Frazier said:
BJ Frazier's picture

I thoroughly love using the creative talent God gives me.  I appreciate Sew4home to give me the inspiration to try new things.  For Mother's Day, my step kids gave me a sign with the print of a sewing machine and the words "This is my happy place".  Sewing new things and passing them on to others is my joy.  

Ali0423 said:

I love the start to finish of something. I love purchasing the fabrics and notions, cutting the pattern, pinning it together, starting to sew it, starting to see it come together and then see it finished. I love knowing that I created something. I didn't buy it RTW, it was made by me to either be given as a gift or to be worn by me. That is the best feeling! My husband loves when I make clothes for him.

sewcyndy said:

I love being a maker. It's about individuality,  creativity and satisfaction.  Being able a give a gift made from the heart and unique is the best . It fuels me beyond words.

Meari said:
Meari's picture

I love being able to see my creations come to life and especially when they turn out how I envisioned!

Susan August said:
Susan August's picture

O myyy, great stuff to go along with other gift giving materials!!