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Valentine’s Day Great Giveaway

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We pick YOU to be our Valentine, and we’ve put together a sweet bundle of fabric and notions to say, “Thanks for being the best sewing and craft friends, fans, and followers on the Internet!” The red, pink, and gold color theme of our Giveaway bundle celebrates Valentine’s Day, but it’s a lovely color palette for any time of the year. It’s easy to enter to win. 

The foundation of our Valentine’s Day bundle is a very generous cut of a gorgeous Tula Pink fabric with jumbo pink polka dots against a warm red background interspersed with flying golden birds. This is one of Tula’s original quilt backing releases, which means it’s 108” in width! The bundle contains a ¾ yard cut!

In addition, there’s a four spool pack of Eclectic Elements thread by Coats, two coordinating packages of 1” polyester belting by Dritz, and two yards of beautiful Jacquard ribbon from Renaissance Ribbons.

The one lucky winner will also receive a set of our clever Sew4Home Door Hangers held together with a pair of Fons & Porter quilting clips. These funny door hangers can help keep your sewing space clear of invading armies.

As always, we send a huge THANKS to all our amazing sponsors for helping us build these Great Giveaways. When you support them, you support us, and we can continue to keep our giveaways great.

How to Enter to Win the 2020 Valentine Fabric + Notions Bundle

Leave us a short comment below telling us what you love about being a “Maker.” What is it about DIY and Handmade that ignites your creative spirit?

We’ll randomly draw one winner from all the valid comments to win the Valentine’s Day Bundle.

Enter now through midnight PT February 29, 2020 — Leap Day! No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.

NOTE: This Giveaway is open to our US visitors as well as our International visitors.


Comments (169)

Chloe Collins said:
Chloe Collins's picture

Hello there! I enjoy being a maker because it gives me so many avenues of inspiration and originality. When you create anything it becomes your own personal "Mona Lisa". Thank you for having this giveaway.

fonmee said:
fonmee's picture

I just love that I can create anytime that I like and be able to sew up things that I can use

mommab said:
mommab's picture

What do I love.........just everything.  I open these on Monday and if I'm not getting a vision for the week....I will definitely have one after looking at your DIY's for the week or I can always just look up archived posts.  Thank you

llrandall said:
llrandall's picture

I love being a maker and am teaching my granddaughter how to sew, make jam, cookie, candy, and so many other things. It is part of my life that I love more than anything is being able to share with my granddaughter and having those moments with her. This material is so beautiful that we would make small bags for her friends, scrunchies, and anything else we could think of.

llrandall said:
llrandall's picture

Being a maker means making and giving. Many people ask to buy but I don't sell often. It relaxes me and makes me happy

fleo1 said:
fleo1's picture

Love making quilts to give as gifts.  I always hope the receiver loves it as much as I love makeing them. I made one for my greatgranddaughter for Christmas.  When she opened it she spread it out on the floor and crawled under it like she was going to take a nap. She is just shy of her third birthday.

vivoaks said:
vivoaks's picture

I think we all love making and giving those things we spend time problem is that I still send too much time on the computer and not enough on the sewing machine!!!  Trying to remedy that...   Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

ssjmommy said:
ssjmommy's picture

I love making and giving things away. It's a special gift from the heart and hands of someone who loves the person they're sewing for.  At least that's the way I feel.

Cindydahlgren1 said:
Cindydahlgren1's picture

I love being a maker because it helps me fulfill my creative self and make beautiful things for my family and myself.

CentralPanther said:
CentralPanther's picture

I love to create "things" because it satisfies my creative spirit, but when I give my creation to someone else, that gives me the joy of sharing and hopefully it will bring some pleasure to their life. Thank you for the giveaway! Looks like lots of fun items in the lot and I love Tula Pink!

Jan Biggs said:
Jan Biggs's picture

I love the feeling of making something and seeing the end result but most of all it fills my heart with joy when the item is given to someone who needs to be lifted up. Sew4home provides sew many projects that provide opportunities to create. Thank you for the chance to enter.

Harsha raibagi said:
Harsha raibagi's picture

I just love making DIY Stuff !!! Whether its sewing my clothes, making home made hair care products or gifting my friends with DIY creative cards. When we make something handmade or DIY there is an emotion attached to it which is absent in readymade things. It even builds our creativity. I have been sewing my clothes since 5-6 months and when i wear them i feel so happy & proud! I think creating my own clothing is freedom because it allows me to customize things the way i want.

Yogasweetie said:
Yogasweetie's picture

Making helps me manage my anxiety. It makes me feel capable and competent. Making gifts for my loved ones makes my heart happy. 

wordygirl said:
wordygirl's picture

I love being a maker for so many reasons! It allows me to transform my thoughts into "things", making me so much more expressive. It enables me to show my love in a tangible way, many times when words seem insufficient. And it is just so much fun!

SEWNYA said:
SEWNYA's picture

I can't remember when I wasn't trying to make something out of whatever I could find.  As a little girl I would make paper dolls out of images in the catalogs and dress them with the pictures of clothes for sale.  I began sewing home dec for my bedroom as a young teenager and don't think I have ever stopped. I have MADE so much of what is in our home and many of the clothes we have worn.  

MissTi said:
MissTi's picture

I love making unique, one-of-a-kind creations.  Things that you can't buy in any store!

grandmasonnalea said:
grandmasonnalea's picture

Do it yourself projects are always intriging to me, especially when I can include my granddaughter.  I know that every project I make or teach her to make are individual and are treasured whether we keep them or give them away to special deserving folks.  It is fun to be creative and have adventure at the same time.

cori said:
cori's picture

It is something I cannot not do, I have to make. I love being able to design original projects.

Sew Busy 1 said:
Sew Busy 1's picture

I just love sewing and crafting, and especially making things as gifts for people I love!

Its very relaxing and also gives me a wonderful sense of purpose! 

Ellee said:
Ellee's picture

Being a maker means everything I make is one-of-a-kind. Even when I make a project another time, it is never identical -- always unique.

thehobbit said:
thehobbit's picture

Good Morning and a happy Valentines weekend to you all. I look at SEW4Home every morning, and love to see what you have posted. Many of the items i save so i can go back and look when i need inspiration. I love making handabgs and purses, and i usually give them away to family and friends. Keep up the excellent work! 

Marianne E said:
Marianne E's picture

Good morning from sunnys South Africa.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that we can also enter for this give away and not only America citizens!  I have been part of this sew4home family for a few years already and have never won anything.  So I would be super chuffed to win this give away.  I love making projects that is part of your newsletter especialy the bags. I made the duffle bag as a gift for my sister in law, and after finishing the project and seeing what a great bag it is, i had to make one for my own!  I would love to hear from you!!

jitterytoo said:
jitterytoo's picture

I enjoy creating special items for my favorite people. My grandson and my daughter both gladly tell me what they want or need. It makes me happy knowing something I made brings them such joy and happiness!

MSRK said:
MSRK's picture

I love making things from Sew4Home.  I've used many for home, dorm rooms & gifts!

MrsTea said:
MrsTea's picture

I just get so much joy from making things, and especially from creating gifts for others.  I have used Sew4Home tutorials for so many things that I have made.  Thank you!

Dawna said:
Dawna's picture

I love sew 4 home. I love the ideas and the patterns I have made more ideas from here than I can count. I love looking through your site. I love sewing. 

Jane Coombs said:
Jane Coombs's picture

My mother used to say, If you can read you can sew. Imagine my joy when my eight year old grand daughter said, Grandma, I can read . I can do anything. I bought her a Hello Kitty Janome and we are slowly learning to make things. Scrunchies are popular and loved by her soccer team.

patk said:
patk's picture

The thing I like most about being a "maker" is that you don't see yourself coming and going.  It makes you unique.

QuiltyPleasures said:
QuiltyPleasures's picture

I love being a maker, gives me such feel good feelings. I can create gifts and special things that nobody else has, the special word is unique!

sweet pea said:
sweet pea's picture

I love being able to make the perfect gift for family, friends, co-workers.  I get to choose the colors, fabrics, trims, etc., that make each item customized to the taste of the gift recipient.  I also love making home dec items for my home.  It makes my home a one-and-only just for me and my family.

Flamingoquilting said:
Flamingoquilting's picture

I love being a maker because of the way it makes me feel! Good for my soul.

Lottie Girl said:
Lottie Girl's picture

I love that I can personalize the gift to the person receiving it - fabric choice, color choice, embroidery design choice etc.

bakerbe said:
bakerbe's picture

I'm 72 years old and L-O-V-E being a "Maker."  With modern technology, I am able to search Pintrest for ideas, digest these ideas, then create my own designs to sew.  I enjoy the reactions I get from others when they see my finished projects.  

VickiJD said:
VickiJD's picture

Making things gives me the greatest sense of pride & satisfaction. I always tell those recipients of my projects, "I made this especially for you" but really in a way, I also did it for myself! 

Delaine said:
Delaine's picture

What I love most about being a maker is being able to take an assortment of individual items - pieces of fabric, etc. - cutting them all up, and then putting them all back together in a different order, and end up by have a useful item.  Thanks!

Linbo said:
Linbo's picture

I define myself as a "Maker". I enjoy all of the needlearts including quilting, garment, sewing, decorative sewing, knitting, needlepoint, and embroidery of all kinds. It is a rare day indeed where I do not pick up needle and threads. Making = Joy

oak grove quilter said:
oak grove quilter's picture

As the saying goes, it's better then therapy.  It is a great escape from the stresses of life, a way to express yourself that is fun and relaxing. I enjoy gifting items someone else may not have the patience or desire to make. I also like the challenge of trying new or more difficult projects as I gain experience and share my knowledge to others with a like interest. My sewing room is my get away. It's my "girl" cave. I have made sewing friends and we have fun. A creative expression that is totally me or a reproduction of something beautiful someone else has designed. It all gives the same satisfaction.

linlal said:
linlal's picture

I love being able to pick the fabrics, colours and styles of the things I make. Add to that the higher quality of my work compared to store-bought and the enjoyment of creating something and you have lots of reasons why I love to make things.

lholder said:
lholder's picture

Being a maker is an expression of my creativity.  I can create something that is unique (and hopefully beautiful) for someone I love.  That is my fulfillment!

GranChris said:
GranChris's picture

I've always said it makes me happy twice. Once when I make it and once when I give it away and see the smile.

pams said:
pams's picture

I love the fabric, and making pretty things with it for family and friends.

vickichesney said:
vickichesney's picture

I love the challenge of making different things: bags, aprons, kitchen items for myself and others. Sew4home has a lot of different items to choose from and and sometimes it is hard to choose.

Madonna said:
Madonna's picture

I love making things for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  They all think Grandma is the most wonderful person.