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Looking for Something? Check Out the Project Index!

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We have a whole new batch of ideas to add to our official You Asked 4 It list thanks to our recent Great Giveaway request for the projects and techniques you'd like to see on Sew4Home. We also realized there are A LOT of existing articles many of our visitors, maybe even you, are looking for that we actually already have. It's time for a little re-cap tour of our Project Index – a reminder of where to find some of our most asked-for tutorials. It might be exactly what you're looking for, very similar, or perhaps a new idea you love even more!

The Sew4Home Project Index

The easiest way to locate what you're looking for is to simply spend a little time browsing through our S4H Project Index. Here, on one handy page, you'll find all our articles separated into easy-to-scan categories: Totes and Bags, Kitchen Linens, Babies and Nurseries, Holidays, Products We Love, and more. There are over 60 different categories, and all the articles are linked so you can go directly to the one you're interested in. From A for Accessories to Z for Zippers, if we've done it, you'll find it here. We've also made things even easier to find by putting one article into multiple categories, because sometimes you're looking for a Tote and sometimes you're thinking about Travel

Below, I pulled out a few of the top suggestions that recently came in. I then dove into the Project Index and grabbed links to existing projects you can make or tutorials you can learn from right now. These are by no means all the options in each category, but are a few great ideas to get you started.

"Zippers are scary!"

We have three great tutorials on zippers: standard, invisible and inset (none of them are scary). And the Project Index also gives you a host of other closure options from magnetic snaps and twist locks to buttons and buttonholes to snaps and grommetsShown above (top left clockwise): Zippered Picnic ToteYoga Mat Sling BagZippered Bridesmaid Clutch with Tattered Rose and Zippered bags with Tri-Color Tassels.

"What about simple projects for beginners?"

We think all our projects are explained in thorough enough detail that even someone brand new to sewing can have success. But we do have lots of great ways to start someone sewing, including an article geared toward encouraging teens to get on board! The number one beginner project is a pillow, and we have dozens and dozens (and dozens) of those. Shown above (top left clockwise): Faux Cowhide PillowSoft & Sweet Banded Bow PIllow and Grandma Anna's Pretty Little PIllows. 

"Quick and easy quilts would be a great way to learn."

Quilts are the absolute favorite thing for many, many folks to sew, and there are hundreds of amazing sites dedicated solely to quilting. Because we don't focus on the category, when we do create a quilt, we make sure it's one that's fun and easy for everyone. The photo above showcases basic quilts (top left clockwise): Baby Quilt with Appliquéd Bows, Button Quilted Layer Cake Throw, Rustic Rag Quilt and Sparkly Quilt. We also have a great five-part Quilting Basics Series.

"I love little stuff I can do in an afternoon."

We have you covered on that one! Although we rarely promise exactly how long something will take, we do have many, many cute-'n'-tiny projects within our popular ScrapBusters series. The Outdoor Mini Mats that just debuted went off-the-charts popular as soon as they posted. But that's just the tip of the iceberg... or should be say, "just the top of the scrap stash?" Above we've also featured ScrapBuster favorites (top left clockwise): Fabric Bowl Covers, Quilted Mug Rug with Napkin Pocket, Scrappy Ruffled Oven Mitts and Outdoor Mini Mats.

These are just a few of the hundreds of projects and tutorials you'll find in the Project Index. And don't worry... we're not stopping here. All your comments and requests go onto the You Asked 4 It list, which is our first stop when planning future editorial. 


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KayZee said:
KayZee's picture

Wow! That is quite a list of projects! Thanks so much for your many wonderful projects and tutorials and such an easily accessible reference list.

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ KayZee -- you're welcome -- there's so much great stuff to discover!