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Re-imagine & Renovate - Put A Gift In It: Jumbo Fabric Tub

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The Re-imagine & Renovate series is our chance to show you how one project can turn out an unlimited number of ways, depending on the choices you make with fabrics, trims and notions. It opens your eyes to how much fun it is to mix and match colors, patterns and collections to create a new look each and every time. We've made it to the final project is our latest R&R series: Put A Gift In It. Today's super-size round basket is fun to make and fun to use. Some tasks are just big, and so you need a big basket to get the job done. Whether you're doing the laundry, need jumbo storage for knitting or other crafting supplies, or want to put together a king-size gift package - this is the project for you! It's also a great excuse to use a bold geometric print. On some projects, big motifs can seem overwhelming, but on this project - we're happy to be huge!

Our thanks to Fabric.com for sponsoring today's R&R project. If you're looking for one-stop, online shopping, Fabric.com is king of the hill. As the Internet’s largest supplier of fabrics, notions, and all things sewing; it's one of the top online experiences for the dedicated sewist. And, US shipping is always free on all orders $35 and over. 

We used the following fabrics and trim from Fabric.com for our new task basket, which finishes at approximately 50" in circumference, 15" in diameter with 10" high sides: 


Tiki-Tini Lounge in Kimo Onyx by Mark Hordyszynski for Michael Miller Fabrics (#207614)


Eco Twill in Lime Fabric (#ET-208)

The piping is Wright's Maxi Piping in Lime

To Re-imagine & Renovate your own jumbo basket, go to the original tutorial:

Sewing Room Task Basket

Our R&R basket was sewn exactly like the original with one exception. Because we used lighter weight fabrics than on our original basket, we added a medium weight fusible interfacing to the basket's base for added stability. Don't use the heavy fusible we specify for the sides. If you do, you'll find it very hard to turn the finished tub right side out. Use just a standard medium weight fusible, such as 809 Décor Bond by Pellon.

Hints and Tips

Looking for more information on blending, mixing and matching your fabrics? Check out these tutorials:

How to Mix & Match Designer Fabric Collections

How to Create A Fabric Palette

Tips for Mixing Prints

Making the Right Fabric Choice


Project Design: Alicia Thommas
Sample Creation: Kathy Andrews, What Sew Ever



Comments (10)

Anonymous said:
Anonymous's picture

Ok I really really loved making these the idea was to send them to my nieces in Kentucky one I just don't know that I can part with I'm using it for my sewing notions they come in handy for a variety of things useful I really appreciate the pattern and easfulness of construction if you get what I mean thank you so much

Lindsay J said:
Lindsay J's picture

I made this but used marine vinyl on the inside and pet screen for the bottoms to create a beach tub for sand toys. Now we have a interior that is waterproof and the bottom lets the sand and water go through it. It's great for commuting toys back and forth from the sand box to the beach.

Banderson said:
Banderson's picture

What a great idea!!  You guys always amazing me with your projects.. thanks for sharing this one!  I'm going to make one out of home dec weight fabric and store all of my yarn in it - pockets on the side for my knitting needles.

Anonymous said:
Anonymous's picture

this would be great to hold nursery items like diapers, wipes, and ointments. super cute!

Mark Hordyszynski said:
Mark Hordyszynski's picture

I get so thrilled when I see my fabric used in ways I never dreamt possible. This is a winner and I am definitely going to make one for myself! Thanks a million!

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ Mark Hordyszynski - We're so glad you like it, Mark. The fabric is fab!

Cindy C. said:
Cindy C.'s picture

How cute this would be sitting on the back of the toilet filled with handtowels and little bathroom essentials.  Great idea!

Lauren aka Giddy said:
Lauren aka Giddy's picture

Awesome tote!  I could use this for a mini laundry basket, too! :)