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DIY Wedding Sparkle with Artistic Crystals: Bride & Entourage Dazzle Tees

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As you may have noticed within the S4H pages this week, we have something a bit different from our regular beautiful and inspiring projects. We've put together an entire series with creative entrepreneurs in mind. We certainly hope you still find the projects beautiful and inspirational, but they are also designed to be jumping off points for items you could make for yourself or make and sell as a home-based wedding accessories business, using the Artistic integrated system of crystals, software, cutters and presses. Today: Dazzle Tees. These are perfect for the Bride and her entire Entourage to wear to showers, bachelorette parties, spa days or any other occasions where the wedding party is traveling together. We spied a number of similar garments during our research of best-sellers in the world of weddings. These are even prettier... and they're personalized!

Today's brides are more DIY-focused than ever. Some simply want to save money, but many others are most interested in finding items that can be handcrafted with their special wedding theme in mind. And they are willing to pay extra to have something no one else has! 

What is especially fun about these Dazzle Tees is the ability to personalize them. It's not just another generic shirt you could see someone else wearing; you offer a rainbow of colors, then add the bride's name and can even incorporate a special theme icon, as we did with our crown. This same icon could then be included on special accessories for the wedding party's ensembles and/or as part of the reception table décor. 

All of our DIY Wedding Sparkle projects are structured to provide ideas rather than act as full sewing and software tutorials. Once you're hooked, and have your very own Artistic Crystals System, you'll be able to visit the Artistic website, where detailed step-by-step crystal design and application tutorials will be available for our project ideas, including today's personalized tees. These free .PDF files will be posted to the Artistic website at the conclusion of our S4H series.

Even if you've not worked with design or digitizer programs before, you'll find the Artistic software easy to use and the steps intuitive. 

We brought in our words.

Sized them and filled them with crystals.

And, voilà, your name in lights.

If you haven't already, take a look at the first article in this series, The Business of Bling, for a step-by-step overview of the crystal design and application process. We used the Dazzle Tees as our sample for this overview, so you'll get a close look at how they came together.

For the final step of the crystal application process, heat setting, a pressing cloth was used in all instances. For this project, we also used a silicone sheet between the two layers of the tee to prevent them from sticking together. The heat setting takes, on average, only about 45 seconds.

Project Design: Alicia Thommas   
Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Michele Mishler



Comments (7)

Nana Dot said:
Nana Dot's picture

Interestingly, we were on a plane from Seatle to Nashville last week and a bride and her party had similar T's as these and they were stunning and really festive.  I think there are plenty of brides and their entourage who would enjoy these.

Takia said:
Takia's picture

Do you have to buy the Cameo or would any digital cutting machine work....I kno the Cameo is the one associated w/this product but I have a digital cutting machine already....and don't wanna buy a new one.

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ Takia - we're excited to know you find our series inspiring! The software has built in drivers for the eCraft, Cameo and Zing digital cutters. If yours is not one of these, you might want to go to the Artistic Site and send them a question about your specific cutter. Here is a link to their software support page:


Leslie Riker said:
Leslie Riker's picture

Hey Brenda, I had sparkle Ts made for my bridesmaids for my wedding last summer. Everyone loved them. My sister is getting married next and she wants sparkle Ts too. Each to their own, but my friends like a little bling for the bridal shower. Too fun!!. 

Brenda 1652 said:
Brenda 1652's picture

I understand Janome is a sponsor and encourages you to promote this, but seriously, I cannot imagine any adult who would wear tee shirts such as this. Flower girls would love them, though. One use for this bling would be for items for pets such as collars, leashes, coats, and blankets, and especially tack for horses. I have a bling bridle for one of my horses and it is pretty. It would look nice for a competition, a parade, or just to look pretty on a trail ride. Also, western riders would love to add sparkle to their outfits for competition and this is one use that would justify the cost. There is a market for western wear with lots of sparkle for ladies and girls . A horse in western competition with a bling bridle, some bling on the saddle and blanket, and lots on the rider's coordinating outfit would be dazzling in competition and shows.

Takia said:
Takia's picture

Brenda I think that wearing the sparkling shirts is matter of personal style.  I'm in a wedding and I like to craft and I'm seriously considering buying this and start selling the items on etsy.....my mind is alreay working on how the tee's would look for the bride, the maid and matron honor and the bridesmaids. It's not just used for animals or animal competitions....