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Summer Fun: Babylon Flip Flop Pillows

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You can't welcome the arrival of spring and summer weather without flip flops! Bring the fun inside with one of these super cute flip flop pillows from our friend, Donna Babylon. Ya know, I just gotta say... back in the day, we called this particular type of footwear: 'thongs.' I can't tell you the gales of laughter this brings from my kids when I accidentally slip and still call them this. It's similar to the reaction I get talking about records and/or rotary dial phones. Read on to learn Donna's secrets for a smooth, full and fabulous pillow.

When people see Donna's flip flop pillow, they always ask her, 'What kind of pillow form is inside?!' They're surprised to discover it's just plain ol' fiberfill... it looks so smooth and full. Donna shared her secrets for creating a pleasingly plump and pretty pillow.

  1. The key is a specialty shape like the flip flop, is to make a 'fabric sandwich' with additional layers of fleece-type batting and muslin. Place the batting on the wrong side of your decorator fabric, then place the muslin on top, sandwiching the batting between the two fabrics. Treat this unit as one when cutting out both the front and back of the pillow. These additional layers smooth and stabilize the surface of the pillow.
  2. For stuffing, use the best quality loose fiberfill you can find. The quality really makes a difference on the outside appearance.
  3. To stuff the pillow, take a handful of loose fiberfill and fluff the fibers with your fingers to remove any clumps. To do this, gently separate the fibers as if teasing hair. For the flip flip pillow, insert these small handfuls of fiberfill, starting with the toe of the pillow and working toward the center stuffing the remaining areas to the desired thickness.

You can order Donna's Fancy Flip Flop pillow pattern from her More Splash Than Cash website.

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Comments (13)

MissTi said:
MissTi's picture

Using batting and interlining is a great idea.  Is it recommended to use batting when stuffing a pillow with a feather pillow form?

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@MissTi - It really depends on the style of the pillow and the fabric you're using. If you've chosen a thin fabric, batting would be a good idea to smooth the surface and help prevent any feathers from poking through. If you have a very thick fabric, like an upholstery weight, it may not be necessary. We like to use a layer of batting or fusible fleece if the pillow top is made up of multiple pieces seamed together, such as a patchwork pillow; it helps every stay flat. 

Anonymous said:
Anonymous's picture

The layering information is going to make a big difference in the pillows I am about to make of all shapes and sizes. Thanks you are a gem!

Sharon Simpson said:
Sharon Simpson's picture

I love these cute pretty pillows.  I love to sew pillows.  These are very good tips. Thank You!

jkdye said:
jkdye's picture
Just made one of these pillows for my granddaughter's 16th birthday. I made it out of some bright flannels and decorated with the wide ric/rac and sewed buttons on. Turned out really cute and she loved it. Her sister made her a flip flop cake as well. The pillow is easy to make and fun to decorate.
these r so cute i cant wait 2 make them said:
these r so cute i cant wait 2 make them's picture
smilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/smiley.gifthese r so cute i cant wait 2 make them
Liz Johnson, Editor, Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson, Editor, Sew4Home's picture
Perfecto for a tropical-themed room. Have fun with the "thong pillows" smilies/grin.gif
LCO said:
LCO's picture
So cute! My daughter has a tropical-themed room, and these would go perfectly! I grew up in the 70's and 80's, and I remember when flip-flops were called "thongs" too, LOL!
T & T Crafts said:
T & T Crafts's picture
What a great tip! I've never made a pillow, but I feel like I've made just about everything else. Now when the time comes for me to eventually make one, it'll come out smooth and professional smilies/smiley.gif Thanks!
Sew What said:
Sew What's picture
What a fun summer pillow! I'd like to share a link to this tutorial on sewwhattoday.blogspot.com on June 3!