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Versatile Mini Clip Hair Flowers

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These tiny clips are so handy for holding hair in place. They're lightweight, inexpensive and available everywhere. On the other hand, embellished hair accessories are pricey, so why not make your own! After trying to wrap a ponytail holder without crushing the attached flower, it came to me that it would be easier to just clip the flower to the band after the band was on. Turns out, these little clips have holes next to the hinge springs and you can attach a flower to them by simply sewing it in place. Then you can attach it to your hair, an elastic ponytail band or a headband. Mix and match, wear one, two, three or more. Turn a bad hair day around by rockin' some pretty flowers.

We have a tutorial online now for making these fun flowers. If you have not made them before, refer back to this tutorial for more detail on flower making:

Organza Flower Tutorial

Fabric and Other Supplies

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I tried two different sized mini claw clips for this tutorial, and found the slightly larger size easier to work with (about ¾" in length).

  • Mini claw hair clips
  • Scraps of synthetic fabric: we used a sparkly taupe organza, and some scraps of poly lining in plum, gold and sage green
  • One bead per clip; we used 8mm Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls in Copper. Old jewelry is a good source for beads.
  • Scissors
  • 1¾" diameter circle pattern (see our l for various patterns or make your own)
  • Sewing needle that fits through your bead (check before starting)
  • Thread
  • Candle
  • Optional: narrow headband, elastic ponytail bands

Making Flowers

Cut 1¾"circles from your fabric. Use your imagination to get the look you want. We used three polyester lining fabric circles and two organza circles for each flower.

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Following the Organza Flower Tutorial, lightly wilt the edges with a candle flame to approximate this look:

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Stack the wilted circles. By having them just slightly askew, you achive a more natural, prettier look.

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Pin, and then sew through the layers in the center using a stitch small enough stitch that it can be hidden by your bead. Finish this step with the thread coming up through the center of the flower.

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Open the mini claw clip and use a pen cap (or similar) to hold the claw open wide enough that you have easy access to the hinge. If you are a skilled hand sewer, you can simply hold it open. This step also assures the clip will open and close once you are done.

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Sew the clip to the flower just like you're sewing on a button, keeping your stitch smaller than the size of the bead that will cover it. Watch that your thread doesn't catch on the claws. After going through and back about 6 or 7 times, bring your needle up into the center of the flower.

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Attach the bead in the center of the flower. I sewed through the bead hole and back down through the hinge several more times until it felt well attached. Slip the needle to the back of the flower between the clip and the back of the flower. Knot in the same way you would if sewing on a button.

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Attaching Flowers

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Now you can clip the flowers to your hair, to your elastic ponytail band, or to a headband and position them easily for the looks you like best. Group or wear singly – it's up to your mood (and your hair's mood).

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Comments (21)

KatyS said:
KatyS's picture

These type of hair adornments are not cheap to buy. Now I can make them for my dd's. I had no idea you can curl the fabric with a flame to achieve that look. I cannot wait to check out my LFS to get some remnants! Thank you for a great tutorial!

GloriaLavVonne said:
GloriaLavVonne's picture

This tutorial was on the side of the lumbar pillows, and I was looking for something extra for the grand daughters. Festive and simple.  Thanks Sew4Home.  

Nicki Fouzas said:
Nicki Fouzas's picture

I absolutely love em!!!! You could vary the colours according to the seasons. Right now its Spring in the Southern Hemisphere so taking my cue for colours from nature..... Thank you for your creative post 

Lima said:
Lima's picture

This is so smart and simple, an adorable idea! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!

VictoriaAlleman said:
VictoriaAlleman's picture
Love these! Will have to make a bunch for my bridesmaids for their hair...such a perfect, yet simple embellishment smilies/smiley.gif
Amanda.... said:
Amanda.... 's picture
These are gorgeous, am definitely going to have a go making them ..... thank you, your ideas are fab smilies/wink.gif
Becki316 said:
Becki316's picture
Thank you for this project. Will do this for my granddaughter who loves to wear flowers in her hair.
NorthWestSea said:
NorthWestSea's picture
Simple, elegant, even suitable for work. I like to have my hair pulled back while at work but most embellishments I see are too much or not enough. These are "just right" (as Goldilocks would say).
Dorothy St. Pierre said:
Dorothy St. Pierre's picture
I love this idea. Thank you! I am going to make them using flowers created from the book Kanzashi in Bloom by Diane Gilleland.
LillianMae said:
LillianMae's picture
I make flower hair accessories all the time! I appreciate the alternative to the clip!
Ellen Wilson said:
Ellen Wilson's picture

This pattern has so much potential - can't wait to make some in all colors and different beads!