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Re-imagine & Renovate Holiday Style: Small-Medium-Large Gift Bag Sets

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 3:00

We all know very well that good things don't always come in small packages. They can be small, medium or large... and still be quite wonderful. That's why we made our super cute gift bags in three sizes. It also allows you to sort out your holiday list into those who've been Good, Very Good and Great. We've blended three amazing collections from FreeSpirit Fabrics to come up with six different two-tone bags: Super Fly from Jennifer Paganelli, Kumari Garden Holiday from Dena Designs and Star Flakes and Glitter from Tina Givens


Re-imagine & Renovate Holiday Style: Happy Pom Pom Pillows

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 3:00

One square foot of fun! At just 12" x 12", these plump little pillows pack a design wallop twice their size. This project shows you how much fun it is to mix and match colors, patterns and collections to really rock a brand new holiday look. That's what our Re-imagine & Renovate series is all about. We pull out a classic fave tutorial and give it a whole new spin with fresh fabrics, trims and notions. Today, we show you how to light up the season with a holiday punch of three amazing collections from FreeSpirit fabrics: Super Fly from Jennifer Paganelli, Kumari Garden Holiday from Dena Designs and Star Flakes and Glitter from Tina Givens


Re-imagine & Renovate Holiday Style: Elf Stockings

Monday, 19 November 2012 3:00

Kick up your heels and curl your toes - these Christmas stockings are so eye-poppingly bright and fun, they're sure to put a smile on Santa's face when he lands at your house on Christmas Eve. We took the traditional Christmas colors of red, green and gold and turned them on their ear with stunning zebra prints from the Super Fly collection by Jennifer Paganelli, topped with lime stardust medallions from Tina Givens' Star Flakes and Glitter collection - both for FreeSpirit Fabrics. Add rick rack and poms and these stockings are perfect for the wild elves on your list. Our Re-imagine & Renovate projects are an on-going series here at S4H. It's a fun way to see how one project can turn out an unlimited number of ways, depending on the choices you make with fabrics, trims and notions.


Happy Holidays with FreeSpirit & Rowan: Pinwheel & Pom Pom Pillow

Friday, 16 November 2012 3:00

Some pillows are elegant, some are functional, and some are just pure entertainment. Our chubby little peppermint candy of a pillow, in fabrics from Verna Mosquera's new Pirouette collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics, is just that: jolly good fun! We spun alternating wedges of fabric into a darling pinwheel pattern ringed with poms... because you simply can't look at bouncy pom poms without smiling. This is a pillow that will brighten any surface it lands on. Today's our last day working with the vintage loveliness of Verna's new Pirouette - her ninth collection for FreeSpirit, which will begin appearing next month, December 2012, at participating online and in-store retailers. 


Happy Holidays with FreeSpirit & Rowan: Woven Braid Patchwork Pillow in Pirouette

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 3:00

Words are wonderful, aren't they? I especially love it when one word has lots of different uses. Take "weave" for example. In general, it simply means to go in and out. But it can be a verb or a noun or even an adjective. You weave a tale of mystery and intrigue; you can weave dangerously through speeding traffic; you can weave fibers intro fabric. Today, we've put the word to work to describe the intricate woven braid pattern on our patchwork pillow - done in the romantic fabric of Verna Mosquera's new Pirouette for FreeSpirit Fabrics. This lovely collection is her ninth for FreeSpirit; the warm creams, rich mochas and candy pinks remind us of a cut crystal dish spilling over with Christmas confections. Or perhaps those swirling cupcake dancers in the Nutcracker ballet. Whatever it brings to your mind, we know you'll enjoy sewing with Pirouette as part of our Happy Holidays series with FreeSpirit & Rowan. We encourage you to experiment with non-traditional fabrics and see you how beautiful they can be when incorporated into holiday projects.


Happy Holidays with FreeSpirit & Rowan: Quilted Sugar & Spice Throw

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 3:00

One question that always stumps me is when someone asks, "What's your favorite color?" Whoa! It depends on my mood, which colors I'm working with that day, what design everything is spun into... and probably about a dozen other factors, including time of year and what song is playing on iTunes. I think I've loved each and every color at one time or another. That's what's so wonderful about patchwork – you get to blend all kinds of colors and patterns. Pieceing and patchwork are about choosing more not less! Today's beautiful throw uses NINE different fabrics from the new Pirouette collection by Verna Mosquera for FreeSpirit Fabrics. From tiny rosebuds to bold damask to a pink and white tartan, Verna has created a romantic medley of sweet treats. As a holiday project, we anchored our throw's design with a traditional rich, ruby red; then softened the palette with prints from her Flamingo, Moss, Opal and Mocha colorways. Like all the projects within our Happy Holidays with FreeSpirit & Rowan series, today's Priouette throw is a simple yet classic creation executed in gorgeous fabrics - perfect for holiday giving and decorating, but with a beauty that will last year 'round.


Happy Holidays with FreeSpirit & Rowan: Pillowcases with Deep Ruffled Ends

Monday, 12 November 2012 3:00

A new week - a new wonderful designer. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Pirouette by Verna Mosquera, her ninth collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics. You may recognize Verna from her very popular quilt pattern line under the name: The Vintage Spool. Her romantic designs combine yesterday's inspiration with today's fabrics. During our Happy Holidays series with FreeSpirit & Rowan, our goal is to take non-traditional fabrics and show you how beautiful they can be when incorporated into holiday projects. Pirouette is a perfect example. The warm creams, rich mochas and candy pinks remind us of a cut crystal dish spilling over with Christmas confections. Today's special pillowcase design features ruffled borders and dainty bows, suggesting the look of a dancer's billowing skirts. What a sweet way to freshen up a guest room - just in time for your holiday visitors!


Happy Holidays with Ty Pennington Impressions: Ty Pennington Zippered Bags with Tri-Color Tassels

Friday, 09 November 2012 3:00

Whenever we design a little zippered bag here on Sew4Home, we get a huge response. Everyone loves cute little bags. And who can blame us? We all have stuff that needs to live in its own carrying case: make-up stuff, sewing stuff, snack stuff, money stuff, even secret stuff. Today's winning bags feature amazing zippers in rainbow colors (yes - we have a link to where we found them) and a luxurious tri-color tassel you can make yourself. But, what really makes these pretty pouches pop are the bold colors and patterns of Ty Pennington's 2012 Fall Collection. Finishing at just 6" x 7½", the bags are the perfect size to drop into a larger tote, but the fabric combinations are so beautiful, they really deserve to be out in the open and on their own! To add a subtle dash of handmade style, we used the same thick floss running stitch across the bottom panel of the bag as we featured on our Ty Pennington Holiday Placemats.


Happy Holidays with FreeSpirit & Rowan: How to Install an Invisible Zipper

Thursday, 08 November 2012 3:00

Zip-A-Dee-Ay! On Tuesday of this week, we showed you the steps to master installation of a regular zipper. Today, we introduce (or maybe reintroduce) you to one of our other lovely zipper friends, the invisible zipper. Remember, this zipper is shy, and likes to stay hidden in the seamline of your projects. In fact, with the exception of its slender zipper pull, you’d never know it was there. It likes it that way... and you will too!  In the realm of all zippers (a land just north by northwest of Oz), the invisible or concealed zipper is actually the easiest to install.


Happy Holidays with Ty Pennington Impressions: Ty Pennington Napkins & Pom Pom Ties

Wednesday, 07 November 2012 3:00

Since we brought you bold mix-and-match placemats on Monday in Ty Pennington's gorgeous new Fall 2012 collection, of course we need dynamic mix-and-match napkins to coordinate! Although the venerable paper napkin has been around since the late 1800s, we still prefer cloth napkins. They're a beautiful way to jazz up a table setting, generate less waste in the landfill, and are a fast, easy and fun project for a beginning sewer or anyone with just a few hours to create. But wait, there's more: we also have happy little pom-pom festooned napkin ties! It's a beautiful set for your holiday table or simply to brighten up everyday dining. The edges of both the napkins and the ties feature hand-look decorative stitching - thanks to the amazing stitch options on our Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP. We show you how the stitch is created with invisible thread, and we have some special fussy-cutting tricks for the super-centered tie motifs. 



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