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Jelly Roll Strip Placemats

Thursday, 20 February 2014 1:00

Today's fabric collections seem to get larger and more gorgeous with each season's new arrivals. There are multiple colorways and a wonderful variety of motifs. And, of course, they all blend together beautifully. It can be hard to narrow down your choices, which is why we designed today's multi-fabric placemats. Each one uses seven different 2½" strips. It's perfect for pre-cut Jelly Rolls, but you could also cut your own strips from all your favorites. Decorative stitching ties the rows together, adds a bit of elegance, and holds all the layers in place.

Five Free Embroidery Designs to Celebrate National Embroidery Month

Wednesday, 19 February 2014 1:00

February is National Grapefruit Month as well as National Wild Bird Feeding Month. Both worthy celebrations, but we're most interested in it also being National Embroidery Month! To celebrate we have a set of five free machine embroidery designs from Sew4Home sewist team member (and digitizing designer extraordinaire), Michele Mishler. With the crazy winter weather we've had this year, these lovely custom tulip designs will bring the freshness of spring to your next machine embroidery project. We also show you the steps for creating the Michele's Tulip Garden Pillow shown above.  

You Asked 4 It: Pretty Teapot Cozy

Monday, 17 February 2014 1:00

We really do keep track of all the project requests we receive via email and through social media, adding them to our official "You Asked 4 It" list. Today, we check off another visitor's wish with our pretty teapot cozy. To properly brew a pot o' tea, you should first warm the teapot by swooshing a bit of boiling water inside it. Then, pour the water into your teacups to warm them. Add teabags for your preferred strength (from two to four for a standard four-cup pot). Fill the pot with boiling water, stir, and let the tea steep for about 4-5 minutes. It's during this steeping time when you can run into trouble with the tea cooling too fast. So, pop on a cozy to keep things toasty while the tea is brewing. It will also help keep your tea warm between cups. We have pattern downloads for the cozy itself as well as the cute teapot appliqué. And, because you only need small ¼ and ½ yard fabric cuts, it's also a great ScrapBusters project.

Tea Towels with Jumbo Ruffles

Thursday, 13 February 2014 1:00

We love Moda Toweling! How could you not love something that comes to you pre-hemmed into a handy 16" width - perfect for towels, curtains, pillows and more?! With the hems in place, this project is about as fast and easy as they come. We chose a beautiful solid natural for our tea towels, accenting it with bright wide ruffles and ribbon. But, you can also choose from toweling in a wide array of nostalgic prints in classic pastel stripes and plaids as well as pretty fruit and floral border prints. I think my grandmother had towels in all these patterns. They are 100% cotton and machine washable... so get ready to dry some dishes! 

Woven Border Print Pillow with Poms

Tuesday, 11 February 2014 1:00

Border prints are exactly what they sound like they'd be: a wide motif band running the entire length of the top and/or the bottom of a fabric's design. A border print provides built-in drama along the edge of your chosen project, and is often used in garment sewing for skirts or in home décor for curtain panels. We've turned that traditional idea on end, literally. We show you how to cut squares from within just the border itself, then rotate those squares to form a woven effect at the center of a pretty pillow. The pillow back uses the remaining non-border fabric. We added pom pom trim around the edge for an extra bit o' bounce.


Reversible Pillowcases in SoHo Bandana

Monday, 10 February 2014 1:00

When you're searching for the fastest and easiest home décor project, most people would steer you toward a simple pillow. We don't disagree, but when it comes to instant gratification, close on the pillow's heels is the pillowcase! They take a bit more fabric than a standard pillow cover, but a crisp, new pillowcase immediately brightens up your bed linens. It's quick and fun to make special pillowcases for all kinds of special occasions. We've altered the traditional fold-and-stitch construction method with today's version: a reversible case. By stitching just one extra seam, you get twice the pretty possibilities.  


Baby Snakes Catnip Toys

Friday, 07 February 2014 1:00

Make A Snake – I think that should be a bumper sticker. Our baby snakes are too silly to be scary, and they're filled with catnip to make them wonderful little toys for your playful puddy tats. We've done a number of kitty toys here at Sew4Home mostly because we have a number of kitties wandering the various S4H studios, and it's a good way to keep them occupied rather than watching all our thread spools disappear under the sewing cabinets. 

Vintage Shoulder Dust Covers

Wednesday, 05 February 2014 1:00

Click to Enlarge
During a recent clean-up, my sister came across a hand-embroidered shoulder dust cover our grandmother had made for our mother. I think that officially qualifies as 'vintage'! We both thought it was not only beautiful, but a great idea. We all have special clothing in our closet we may not wear often, but certainly don't want to give away. A whole garment bag seems like overkill if you need easy access to the outfit, yet still would like to protect it between wearings. Our Vintage Shoulder Dust Cover is just right to keep dust and debris from settling along the shoulders of your special garments. Thanks, Grandma! I always knew you were super cool and ahead of your time.

Re-imagine & Renovate: Structured Fabric Task Baskets

Tuesday, 04 February 2014 1:00

The fabric basket. I think we could post a tutorial for one of these every day and people would still clamor for more. They can be used in any room in the house for any number of storage solutions. Depending on the fabric you choose, each one you make is a custom statement. That's the idea behind our Re-imagine & Renovate series (R&R): to take another run at a favorite project with new fabrics, new embellishments and new uses in mind. Today we're R&R'ing our original Hello Kitty® sewing basket in a nostalgic combination of ticking stripes and vintage print cottons. 


Lingerie Bag & Shoe Bag Travel Set

Monday, 03 February 2014 1:00

With the wacky weather we've been having this winter, I think everyone's experiencing a bit of cabin fever. If you can find a flight that hasn't been delayed, maybe it's time to get away. But packing to travel can be a challenge since bringing more than one smallish bag can cost a pretty penny. Being a smart organizer has become more important than ever. Everything needs to go into one suitcase as neat and tidy as possible. This makes our shoe and lingerie bags a travel necessity. Both are lined, and both feature cute appliqués to ID the contents. 


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